Operation Repo

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Nov 10, 2008 - Feb 05, 2014








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The English-language version of the original Spanish program shown on Telemundo.

Operation Repo is a series focused on the world of vehicle repossession. The show is based in California's San Fernando Valley and depicts a professional team that conducts repossessions for finance companies.

While mostly automobiles are repossessed, other items have included boats, planes, and hot air balloons.

Operation Repo is based off of real world stories, but uses actors and staged footage to re-enact the scenarios.

Comments (37)

Tracy Varner
03/19/21 at 01:34pm

They did to bring them back on TV
Tracy Varner
03/19/21 at 01:33pm

I miss watching this show
04/22/19 at 03:44am

Here in SA we are quiet behind with shows on DSTV(satellite). Perfectly good show until Lynda was introduced. All downhill from there. Shes not suitable for the job or capable of doing the job. Brats should be left home to spend daddy’s dollars.
lerdy flowers
02/27/18 at 04:42pm

take the women off operation repo and bring it back they run the show in the ground lizard lick was ok but amy was a smart ------ south beach tow was the best show on tru tv.
01/21/18 at 05:36pm

Please bring Operation Repo back
01/07/18 at 07:19am

I think that they are all a pack of F !Wits especially that Matt he thinks that he is so gorgeous and that Sonja the thief she thinks she is absolutely beautiful yuk...
Lillie wilson
01/07/18 at 00:45am

Please bring our favorite shows back. Operation repo, hardcore pawn, lizard lick, South beach tow.
sam brown
10/24/17 at 05:10pm

bring back operation repo on tv
10/17/17 at 04:43pm

Operation repo was my favorite show wish it would come back
12/25/16 at 08:40pm

You do know these shows were fake. Everything in them is staged and illegal. You can't take a car if the owner disputes it as this will lead to a breach of the peace. These guys are thugs and crooks, but the entire thing is fake. It is funny and entertainment, but fake.

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