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Jax - Charlie HunnamGemma - Katey SagalBobby - Mark Boone Jr.Wayne - Dayton CallieTig - Kim CoatesChibs - Tommy FlanaganOpie - Ryan HurstHalf Sack - Johnny LewisPiney - William LuckingJuice - Theo RossiTara - Maggie SiffClay - Ron Perlman

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A drama focused on the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club.

Sons of Anarchy follows members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Chapter (SAMCRO), their families, townspeople, and the various rivals and associates who undermine or support the club's legal and illegal operations.

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05/13/13 at 07:59pm

Reading over many of these reviews and wondering how many really see the true characters that are underneath the cloud of toughness. Jax is a product of environment, strong to change and turn everything legal in the beginning but something is always in the way. Everyone at the table is willing to follow, but if you have ever heard true stories about being part of "gang" (and a true MC is not a gang) sometimes the only way to get out is to die. If you watch and pay close attention every character has the so called "softer side" and they show it, Opie died for his family, to protect them, he was never the same after Donna even when he tried to love and move on. Jax tries to save everyone, because he hasn't learned that you can't save everyone. The harder he tries the more sh**t he has to wade through to save everybody. Isn't that what real family does? Chibs gave up his family in Ireland to the family he now has in Charming. The struggle was portrayed when the ATF wanted him turn against the MC. Tig is already a few degrees off normal but has been shown to still be a loving father who realizes he is not the best but is willing to be there when called upon. How many times has there been scenes where Happy has to state he needs to go check on his mother is not doing well? Juice has been emotionally torn because the members have been his brothers and Clay a father. The depth of the characters are there for those who are "true fans" sometimes you need to watch an episode more than once and pay attention to things that are being said, its the little lines that expose the character. All I ask is when the series is ready to end to set up the "prequel" that I have read is in the works. Why did Tara leave in the first place? Why did Chibs have to leave the IRA and why didn't his wife return to him after Jimmy O's death? (his daughter not wanting to leave Ireland is not enough of an excuse) How did Tig get so messed up? How did Juice end up with the MC? Every member of the table had paths in their life so what made them chose this path? Something strong and tragic needs to happen that everyone learns the truth about the letters and JT's death. I envision that after the tragedy that everyone examines their life again, not so much for regret but because when you are shocked by a truth that "could" have changed you, your natural response would be to stop and look back just so you can move forward. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!
05/13/13 at 05:36pm

Brilliant! To all of you who think that the story is "shit" or moving too slow - IT'S A DRAMA! Sutter works with the details and the elaboration of the character. I HATE when people can recoqnize(?) a true masterpiece of film. Go home and watch your Jersey Shore or whatever.
05/10/13 at 11:13pm

Watched the show from the beginning because its different but I'm really hoping there's a plan to give these characters some redeeming qualities. I was a nervous wreck last season worried about who was gonna make it and who wasn't. What a mess! Unfortunately that mess is the only reason why I watch!
04/18/13 at 11:11pm

This show is a favorite in my house. It's funny because this is not usually the kind of show I'd watch I thought it was for the guys, but I was put in a situation where there was only one TV and he was adamant about watching this show therefore it was watch or leave the room. To my surprise it drew me in. I am now a Sons of Anarchy Fan For Life. I hate when the season ends and can't wait till the new season begins. So give us season 6 pleeeease.
03/31/13 at 03:01pm

Like some people, I liked SOA at the beginning. It was interesting to watch a redneck version of the Soprano's. But as the season's progressed the writer's got lazy...basically made everything predictable, made the Jaxx character a douche-bag, strung out the Clay drama too long..should have just killed him off. Anywho...Wish I could say I actually miss watching it..but didn't have that much of an impact.
03/01/13 at 08:19pm

Scott - your biggest problem is the one scene where they kill the russian mob & spits? Seriously you clearly didnt watch the show or forgot that the russians tried to kill Jaxx in prison & double cross Samcro.
01/26/13 at 02:50am

I liked the beginning of this but, the last two seasons were really, well, quite ****, especially the last one. I have gone to liking the main character to dispising him, not sure if that's what the writers and the creator is going for but whatevz. Erm, when Jaxx and them got out of prison, the first time -_-. They killed that russian dude, and jaxx cut his throat I think, then he spits or spits on him, I thought that was absolutely disgusting, whoever decided to throw that into the scene, quite frankly they should have been fired. Killing smeone is one thing, but spitting on them while they're bleeding out, that's something else, when that scene ended, the main character stopped being the protaganist and became a pig worthy of **** and piss. Similar thing happened in sesson 5, when jaxx promised he wouldn't kill this dude but did anyway, they made a big thing about it, giving his word, when i saw that, i changed the channel, i think it was like episode 11, didnt bother watching the season finale after watching that, still haven't and won't. Anyway, each to their own, but this show has gone to ****, end it while the show is somewhat tolerable or risk failure of syndication. Thx.
Floyd Dehanne
12/05/12 at 06:33am

For those of you that REALLY love this show you should really watch THE SHIELD and watch Kurt Sutter evolve into the fantastic writer (SOA creator) that he is today. Many of the actors appearing on SOA started on the shield I.e. Koszik, Venus Van Dam, the FBI agents assistant (catch up on Netflix)
10/18/12 at 08:00am

Second to none! Beware, though, if you get caught up watching this awesome program you'll be hooked. Then you'll be forced to sit within its gripping suspense, week after riveting week. If you are new to the Sons, you gotta go back and start from episode 1, season 1. Watch how Jax evolves into a leader, and how Clay evolves into . . .Clay. He'll always be who he is - conniving and underhanded. The rest of the ensemble cast is simply outstanding and the shows plot and sub-plots prove just how good Kurt Sutter and co. are at what the do. Keep it comin', boys, and we'll keep watching!!!
06/30/12 at 05:09am

I love Son's of Anarchy its sexy & exciting. Don't ever cancel it.

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