Better Off Ted

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Mar 18, 2009 - Jan 26, 2010








Ted - Jay HarringtonVeronica - Portia de RossiLinda - Andrea Anders

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A satirical comedy that focuses on an office worker who narrates his own life.

Ted Crisp loves his job. He works as the head of R&D at Veridian Dynamics, where seemingly nothing is too far-fetched or unusual. The only problem is that his company is a profit-hungry corporation with questionable morals, while Ted is a man who values ethics.

After the company cryonically freezes one of their research scientists, Ted starts questioning their true objectives.

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04/23/15 at 10:01am

I loved this show, still can't believe it got cancelled so quickly. The popularity of "The Office" at the time spawned workplace comedies such as this one. It would be cool if someone were to bring "Better Off Ted" back.
08/06/14 at 09:20am

This was, unquestionably, one of the best comedy series ever. To this day, my husband and I will quote lines to each other - and they still make us laugh. It was so cleverly written and delightful to watch. I hope that someone, somewhere pulls this series from cancelled obscurity.
05/12/13 at 08:44pm

I wish another network would pick this up... this was my favorite show. Netflix is bringing back arrested development. .. maybe they should do the same here?
01/06/13 at 06:10pm

This show had alot of potential for more seasons.
12/29/12 at 12:40pm

Big mistake canceling this show.It was definitely a winner
04/09/12 at 07:13am

What a shame! this was the best written, funniest shows in years! Great cast!
03/20/12 at 06:11pm

rip off of HIMYM
02/27/12 at 08:17am

Agreed. I finally got to watch all of these on Netflix, and this was a great show! Funnier than a lot of things on TV these days, and way better than the laugh track junk we're still left with.

11/03/11 at 02:04pm

Double shame on ABC. First, for cancelling the best comedy in years, way better than Modern Family. And second, for not even releasing the whole series on DVD.

In a few years this cancellation will be considered the biggest mistake since Arrested Development or Studio 60.

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