Full Throttle Saloon

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Nov 10, 2009 - Feb 03, 2014








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A reality series that takes a look inside the world's largest biker bar.

Only open for 10 days a year every August, the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD is the world's largest biker bar.

Cameras follow owner Mike Ballard and his staff as they scramble to serve the 300,000+ patrons that visit the saloon for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Events during the festivities include big name concerts and burlesque shows - all part of the effort to make a full year's salary in the short time frame.

Comments (28)

01/30/20 at 00:06am

I was a paid actor on this show. I am disappointed it is gone but we did not know it was supposed to be a reality show when it aired! Everything was faked including the lead singer from jackal who FAKED Everything on the show.
08/31/18 at 11:13pm

My husband and I loved the show and have been waiting for it return. Please renew the show. Too many other reality TV shows which aren't worth watching r still on which I don't understand. I have friends who ride to stugis every year and want the show back.
Kenny Rivera
08/04/18 at 05:30pm

my favorite show please bring it back
Randy Schattel
07/15/18 at 07:45pm

I was a very big fan and I'm sorry about hearing about the bar being totally burnt to the ground I wish you would really come back on TV I enjoyed everything about it please contact me back if you could thank you man and have a wonderful and blessed day
Sherrie Bailey
02/21/18 at 08:30am

I ABSOLUTELY loved loved loved your show!!!!! And was devastated about the fire and the show being cancelled. If you can't bring the show back as a 'regular' series, maybe you could do a 2 hour special or something like that. I would love to see Michael, Angie and see how big that beautiful baby is now,Jessie and the rest of the FTS staff are doing. PLEASE consider something to let your die hard fans know how the FTS family is????
terry buchter sr.
01/15/18 at 06:53pm

They really need to bring the show back. It was great. Better than most of the shit reality shows
08/29/17 at 12:58pm

I honestky was shocked that I loved this show. Not something that I would nornally watch. However, I loved it and miss watching.
Bring it baaaaack !!
Georgia Boy
07/11/17 at 05:11pm

Best show on TV so bring it back!
Jack bell
07/09/17 at 07:31am

It sucks the show is no more. Useless shows like orange county housewives stay on. That trash show Kardashian stays on, this is shot. Want this show back.
06/21/17 at 07:17am

Michael man you got to bring the show back. The wife and I watched every episode and loved it and miss it. Come Mike get it back on tv!!!

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