Make It or Break It

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Jun 22, 2009 - May 14, 2012








Payson - Ayla KellKaylie - Josie LorenLauren - Cassie ScerboEmily - Chelsea HobbsChloe - Susan WardSummer - Candace Cameron BureKim - Peri GilpinDamon - Johnny PacarSasha - Neil JacksonSteve - Anthony Starke

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A drama following teenage gymnasts training for the Olympics.

Make It or Break It follows a group of young athletes hoping to make it to the grand stage: The Olympic Games. Payson, Kaylie, and Lauren are three elite-level gymnasts training at Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Training Center. In order to make it to the big event, they must each work to overcome both interpersonal and physical obstacles along the way.

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Panther K2
04/14/16 at 11:23pm

Does anyone know if Holly Sorenson has any plans to do a spin off?
Jeff yasick
11/29/14 at 11:00am

Get more seasons
04/02/13 at 05:06pm

I really loved this show!!! it was sad to see it go... :(
McKayla Maroney
12/25/12 at 06:12pm

I wasn't really impressed with this show.
07/02/12 at 07:14pm

I'm just mad because they did not even show all of the girls competing in the Olympics! At least make another season just for that & there's the fact that every relationship like Kaylie & Austin and Payson and her boyfriend like seriously they could have done something with that too.
06/28/12 at 08:03am

I LOVE THIS SHOW! please DO NOT CANCEL IT it's amazing and on hulu in 1 week i watched all three seasons its the best show ever
06/18/12 at 02:56pm

Hmm... I found this show whilst visiting the US. When I got back I managed to get hold of the series and watched it with my wife. She loved it and it was easy for me too. We are from UK London as soon as they said Olympics I believed they stopped filming waiting for the London 2012 Olympics to start then take the actors to London and film here for the conclusion. What a shame...
Ryan Kauffman
06/08/12 at 11:37pm

At least the producers of Lost took us to a sad but believable and final conclusion. Its like saying Hey heres a candy bar. You take a bite. its the best chocolate in the world and then its ripped out of your hand. I want the full candy bar
Ryan Kauffman
06/08/12 at 11:35pm

Please bring the show back through the olympics. You cancelled the best show on TV. I am very saddened and feel you robbed us all
stacey moore
06/08/12 at 11:34pm

Why would you not continue to the olympics. I won't watch any shows on your network. YOU CHEATED US ALL OUT OF THE BEST SHOW ON TV

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