The Cleveland Show

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Sep 27, 2009 - May 19, 2013






Cleveland - Mike HenryDonna - Sanaa LathanRoberta - Reagan Gomez-PrestonLester - Kevin Michael RichardsonHolt - Jason SudeikisVarious - Seth MacFarlane

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A spin-off from the hit series Family Guy featuring Cleveland Brown, one of the neighbors from the aforementioned series.

The show is the latest animated creation from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Many years ago, Cleveland made a promise to his old high school sweetheart, Donna. Cleveland, along with his son Cleveland Junior, move from Quohog to Stoolbend, VA to start a new life with Donna and her two children.

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10/02/13 at 02:27pm

I completely disagree about American Dad Fkreutz. The first season yes, but since then it has managed to spawn its own identity. The series in fact in my opinion is even funnier then Family Guy.
The Cleveland Show was just an atrocity. It tried to hard to be Family Guy that it ended up failing miserably. Cleveland wasn't even a good character to give a spin-off too and the voice actors for the series were all horrible.
05/15/13 at 09:37pm

Loved the adds on tv for it "Put some pants on.... There's no time", was really looking forward to getting in to the show, already cancelled, family guy creator rocks, and so do his shows, give him some cred.
05/14/13 at 01:22pm

For the first episodes of season 1 it was fine, later on it became a "Black Family Guy", just like American Dad is "Republican Family Guy". Cleveland Brown please return to Quahog, RH.
05/06/13 at 09:57pm

Please don't cancel :(

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