Are We There Yet?

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Jun 02, 2010 - Mar 01, 2013








Nick - Terry CrewsSuzanne - Essence AtkinsLindsey - Teala DunnKevin - Coy StewartGigi - Keesha SharpMarty - Christian Finnegan

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A sitcom based on the 2005 feature film of the same name.

The series focuses on the Kingston-Persons family, who are dealing with the challenges of adjusting to being a blended family, and all the trials and tribulations that come along with it.

Comments (17)

Endra Wright
05/13/20 at 05:04pm

The way the show ended was a cheat to us viewers. No ending it just stopped and the fact that Suzanne was taking out in the middle of season three with no finale or reason is very upsetting. One of the reasons I stop watching tv so much got tired of getting cheated out of a good show ending or plot
Samuel Stokes
06/17/17 at 10:41am

Why don't they put the show on amazon or Netflix or some streaming provider
Louise Aguilera
10/30/14 at 06:32am

Why are there not anymore shows of 'Are we there yet' I just love it and was very disappointed that the show was cancelled. I look at it on a non cable channel. Was there a conclusion?
penny diamond
06/28/13 at 04:09pm

I would like to know will are you there yet! Will show new episodes on regularly station.
Gayla Mitchell
01/19/13 at 07:05am

I watch this show over and over. I think I have seen all the episodes at least three times. Please give us our entertainment back.
Kathy Thomas
07/03/12 at 05:16pm

Yes I would love to know when it is coming back on and what tv station.
06/06/12 at 02:10pm

Does anybody know when the show is coming back on?

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