Human Target

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Jan 17, 2010 - Feb 09, 2011




Drama / Action




Christopher - Mark ValleyWinston - Chi McBrideGuerrero - Jackie Earle Haley

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An action drama based loosely on the comic book character of the same title.

Human Target follows the life of Christopher Chance, a private contractor who offers clients protection by becoming their bodyguard and security expert.

Comments (21)

11/02/16 at 06:09pm

Christopher chance is on the show Arrow tonight. I'm looking forward to his character on another show.
09/07/15 at 12:30pm

looking to watch this show is it on Netflix or any where
03/20/13 at 11:48am

this was a great show. if they would take off the reality show that no one want to watch and keep the good shows on. who cares if brother and sister are fighting. after a hard day at work i want to come home and relax and watch a good show. put the show back on!!!!
02/07/13 at 10:04am

This was a great action show should have keep it instead of American idol
11/16/12 at 09:47pm

This show was great until they added the wealthy backer in the mix. She just dragged the story down.
11/11/12 at 10:36pm

It was like a mini movie every week. Very disappointed.
08/21/12 at 09:55pm

I would like to know why they cancel all the good shows for stupid reality shows. Its bad enough we have to watch more commercials than ever and now all the reality shows,almost time to get rid of the cable/dish services & just go to computer to watch something good and its cheaper.
05/28/12 at 04:23pm

I know I'm posting late, but this was a great show. I must have unusual taste in shows, a lot of the shows that I enjoyed watching were cancelled. Just not into a lot of not so funny comedies or reality shows. Give me good action and decent plots and you have me.
05/26/12 at 04:28pm

this is a crime in itself to take this show off the air. What is wrong with with the people at FOX. So I guess we are supposed to watch crap like, Housewives of some city or learn how to hoard. Give me a break yhis was a GREAT show. BRING IT BACK!!!!! This was pure entertainment that took you to anothe world for the evening. please, please, PLEASE
04/26/12 at 04:23pm

Wish another network had picked up this show. I also can't stand all of the reality crap that is out there. Most of them are pathetic at best. I for one have enough reality in my life and enjoyed coming home at night and escaping into a great show with drama, action, comedy and more. All the good shows die and we are left with crap. Sad.

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