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Jan 20, 2010 - Jan 23, 2012






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A documentary reality series showcasing how meteorites have impacted the Earth's surface.

Steve Arnold and Geoffrey Notkin are the Meteorite Men. Follow them as they visit areas around the world where meteorites have impacted the surface of the Earth.

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08/07/14 at 08:50pm

I saw Jeff on a shipping show .He's running a space museum of some kind .
05/20/14 at 10:30am

Probally the best and only science channel series i watched..What morons for throwing this wonderful pallasite in the trash.
05/16/14 at 06:34pm

I agree. I am tired of junk science. Why wasn't it renewed? Does anyone know?
02/11/14 at 04:23pm

Have just watched Meteorite Men for the first time and found it interesting, fascinating and highly entertaining. I then looked to see if I could link the show for future viewings and discovered it had been discontinued. I am genuinely disappointed. I would very much like to watch the series from start to finish. It's one of the best presented science shows I have yet come accross. Please run the series again so I can learn more about meteorite hunting.
George Brucato
02/10/14 at 06:53pm

Science Channel is a very educational show.
Meteorite Men was not only educational, it was adventurous.
To remove this show was a huge mistake for SciChannel but maybe a good thing for viewers and Geoff & Steve.
They would be perfect in the time slot before or after A&E's Duck Dynasty.
01/12/14 at 08:19am

I'm so glad they took they show off TV ..........people, ask yourself, why would they cancel it?
Not because it was popular or making money!! Just the opposite, not popular on big enough scale, very small audiences and nobody buying commercials during show
Sorry, It just needed to be said
10/15/13 at 07:27pm

I think this is one of the most enjoyable shows on television. I hope it was not canceled because this is the one show that everyone in our family would sit down and watch together. It is educational, entreating and Steve and Geoffrey work wonderfully together. Please do not cancel this show!!
Joan Camacho
10/12/13 at 06:39pm

I love your show and have learned so much about meteorites. I watched the reruns that were on today but when will the new shows air?
rose davis
10/12/13 at 09:22am

I miss my metorite men. This is what. Steve And geoff would call a metorite wronggggg.
10/12/13 at 08:44am

Please bring back new episodes my children love this show, they are 13 and 11. This is/was one of the few educational shows we watched together. I agree with the previous poster, the networks always seem to take off the actual great educational shows like MM, yet, keep crap shows like, an idiot abroad which my kids hate. I want shows that educate, inspire and help foster young minds.

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