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Sep 23, 2010 - May 12, 2011








Todd - Ben RappaportRajiiv - Rizwan ManjiManmeet - Sacha DhawanAsha - Rebecca HazlewoodGupta - Parvesh CheenaMadhuri - Anisha NagarajanCharlie - Diedrich BaderTonya - Pippa Black

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A workplace sitcom following an American managing an Indian call center.

Outsourced is set in a Mumbai, India call center, where an American novelties company has recently outsourced its order processing. A lone American is the manager of the call center and must explain his home country's popular culture to his employees as he comes to understand Indian culture.

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10/06/11 at 04:25pm

This was one of the first shows of late my husband and I could not WAIT to see .. we planned our schedule around it.. not it's gone. It was funny, refreshing, was NOT another REALITY TV show.. and poked fun at how people from other countries do not know the culture of the country they are in. It taught some interesting lessons.. Just another show of how stupid some station execs are.
10/06/11 at 07:52am

Daniel - India is a hindu majority country and is not considered a middle eastern country. India is part of the Indian sub-continent consisting of the following countries -
India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmmar (erstwhile Burma)

Lately, for some reason, the world media has started calling it South East Asia instead of Indian Sub continent.

Middle east consists of countries to the left of Pakistan like - Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Omen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Yemen and Egypt.

Lately some among us have started calling that region as the "witch's cauldron"
09/20/11 at 02:29pm

Are you kidding me?... No more Gupta?!, No more Manmeat?! No more Rajiv?! Please tell me it isn't so... This was a funny show. I laughed all the way through almost every episode. Todd (a.k.a. Toad) was a great Call center manager who had to relate to his middle eastern employee's. The TRAIN episode waqs by far my favorite episode... For those who have not seen this just give a look see you will agree!!!!!
09/11/11 at 09:19am

It sucks that its been cancelled... I LOVE IT!!!

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