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Sep 23, 2010 - May 12, 2011








Todd - Ben RappaportRajiiv - Rizwan ManjiManmeet - Sacha DhawanAsha - Rebecca HazlewoodGupta - Parvesh CheenaMadhuri - Anisha NagarajanCharlie - Diedrich BaderTonya - Pippa Black

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A workplace sitcom following an American managing an Indian call center.

Outsourced is set in a Mumbai, India call center, where an American novelties company has recently outsourced its order processing. A lone American is the manager of the call center and must explain his home country's popular culture to his employees as he comes to understand Indian culture.

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07/16/13 at 07:35am

The bastards at NBC who cancelled this show are just...just...any insult is an understatement!!
09/28/12 at 08:06pm

Outsourced has been off the air a year now, and I still keep hoping it will come back or that I can at least buy the DVD, but that's not around either.

This was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It's the only show our family would stop everything to go and watch together. We'd record it and play it again and again, just to catch all the jokes we missed because they fired them off so fast - ones I still laugh about a year later.

One of the writers was from India and married to an American. She said she got a lot of her material from funny conversations they had learning each other's cultures, like when she tried to show him how to do the "bobble head." Our neighbors are from India, and they watched it too. We'd meet at the sidewalk the next day and talk about which parts we liked best.

It was a funny show about people thrown together in a new work place who learned to care about each other. India just made it more interesting.

It was a nice change to watch a show that wasn't an all-white cast of supermodels with laugh tracks going in the background. It was refreshing to see regular people in a show....and super talented ones at that.

They brought back Mike and Molly because fans complained so much. No one seems to listen to the fans though at NBC.
08/29/12 at 05:39pm

This show was so freaking hilarious. I couldn't believe when I heard that they cancelled it. FOX is so stupid. Talking about it was dicriminatory. It was funny. And some of it was true about Indians from India. I used to live there and it made me laugh because I did have those moments of 'whoopsie" in such a different culture than man. Bring it back. ASAP
08/21/12 at 06:17pm

I Loved this show. One of the best new shows to come out. RIP outsourced.
06/16/12 at 05:58pm

This is by far my most favorite 1/2hr sitcom...it was HILARIOUS from beginning to end. I was sick to my stomach that they cancelled it. I would have to watch it a couple of times because there was so many funny things in it that you couldn't always catch them the first time around. I am so SICK AND TIRED of these networks not keeping the shows that have good and original ideas on instead of reality or other sitcoms that have outworn their welcome like "The office" as an example
I wish more than anything that they would bring back this show..it truly was refreshing to sit down and watch it after a long hard day at work..it really picked up my spirts. ONCE again I'm disappointed with network television
05/30/12 at 07:11pm


In the beginning to the TV history, shows had a vision, and idea, they broke barriers, open minds to new Possibilities, those shows made GENERATION X, the Generation that now has nothing to watch, Gone are the shows like Babylon 5(Michael Straczynski=Genius), Star Trek, Stargate, Oursourced, The V, and many, many more...

If you keep tailoring the programs to the DUMBEST audience with attention span of a CHICKEN, you will continue until the audience will only respond to a show like STACKED, built around a character that looks like Bart Simpson, with Big TITS. (Now that I think about it that would be FUNNY AS HELL) But this should not be the only criteria for picking up a show. OUTSOURCED was killed because the exec, didn't see it for the INTERNATIONAL - FRIENDS - Level of success it could have achieved if given more time.

The whole world watched Indian movies for decades, THIS Show could have capitalized to that success. Bring in Aishwarya Rai, if you have to, but let the show live.

I'm from Ukraine, now living in the USA, but even I know and remember Great Indian Movies like the "DISCO DANCER" "LOVE ALWAYS WINS"(about a young doctor, just out of Medical School, who is sent to deliver a message to another doctor in a remote village, and ends up happy to stay in the Village having found something he was always missing in the big city.)

Its been over 25 years since I saw that movie with Russian subtitles, but I still remember a great phrase from that movie..."Look at him, while most people eat to live, He lives to Eat." Funniest thing I had ever seen.

TO THE TV EXECS: WHEN YOU LOOK BACK ON YOUR CAREER, What would you be proud of: Finding another Reality show, or finding the next MacGyver, or the next Cheers, or the next Friends? Ohh Hell even the next Fraiser would be better than this reality crap you're shoveling right now.
05/15/12 at 03:58am

Loved this show.. and miss it a lot. Hopefully, producers will bring back the show with some minor changes for American audience.
Edward Curry
05/03/12 at 05:40am

It's bogus, if anything the office is running out of material but yet it stays on.
04/18/12 at 01:33pm

Loved the show but it was getting old :/ still they need to bring this and perfect couples back revamped
12/04/11 at 02:01pm

It is a real shame that such a wonderful show has been cancelled. It was hilarious and I laughed for every episode. It amazes me that such a great show was cancelled when there are so many dumb shows still on the air. I miss all of the characters. I purchased the DVD and would have hoped the show would continued. NBC, you made a HUGE mistake. PLEASE bring Outsourced back!!!!!!

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