Pretty Little Liars

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Jun 08, 2010 - Jun 27, 2017








Spencer - Troian BellisarioHanna - Ashley BensonAria - Lucy HaleEmily - Shay MitchellAlison - Sasha PieterseMona - Janel Parrish

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A teen mystery drama following the lives of four girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader.

Alison, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are best friends - the 'popular' crowd at Rosewood High School. One night at a slumber party, their leader Alison mysteriously disappears.

This mystery was unsolved for a year, but when her body was found, the missing person's case now turns into a murder investigation.

Next thing they know, the girls start getting harassing text messages from "A". Could it be Alison? The girls are now on a quest to figure out who "A" is and how they found out their secrets.

Comments (16)

06/02/13 at 09:06pm

great show but getting boring. go some where with it!!!
05/25/13 at 02:46pm

OMG I LOVE PLL I don't trust toby !!!! but I love aria spencer hanna and Emily pll and beauty and the beast by far the best tv shows EVER
04/03/13 at 01:18pm

i love love love PRETTY LITTLE LIARS(PLL)♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♥♡♥♡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/05/12 at 05:53pm

plz tell how ever but this is a great show for all ages and needs to keep running untill all the books have been made into shows!!!!!
05/14/12 at 05:52pm

Great show for the family!! Please keep them coming. It's a good clean show for kids as well.
04/23/12 at 01:13pm

I like a number of shows, but this is by far the BEST & GREATEST show I watch! Never has this series dissappointed me! The writers are brilliant, they always leave you on the edge of your seat, not to mention always keep viewers second guessing who did it! GREAT WORK!!!!!

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