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Mar 27, 2010 - Apr 01, 2013






Tori - Victoria JusticeAndre - Leon Thomas IIIRobbie - Matt BennettJade - Elizabeth GilliesCat - Ariana GrandeBeck - Avan JogiaTrina - Daniella Monet

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A comedy following a teenage girl who attends a performing arts high school.

Tori Vega is a talented teenage girl who is given the opportunity to attend a performing arts academy called the Hollywood Arts High School after taking her older, less gifted, sister's place in a showcase.

While there, she meets good friends and gets into all sorts of crazy adventures.

Comments (15)

01/18/13 at 07:43pm

thank u I hated this show so much
12/25/12 at 02:35pm

i truly enjoyed watching the show im still confused why they would cancle it. The show was fun intresting and was really good. i think they are making a mistake and i will truly miss Mr. Sikowietz and the entire cat. :(
12/12/12 at 04:28pm

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??????????????????????
Damion frm Jamaica
11/26/12 at 05:00pm

I truly love victorious, can't believe those idiots cancel it n yet premiere that idiot new show wid show where he plays a alien. Victorious cast is the most talented group of pple I've seen on tv, its shame went shows like this get cancel n honey boo boo crap is still on di air
Damion frm Jamaica
11/26/12 at 04:53pm

Can't believe they've cancel this victorious it was awesome fill with a incredibly talented cast of yound individuals, what the heck is the pple @ nick thinking, why don't they can't that stupid alien show wid fred..atleast send it off with a gr8t tv movie

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