Body of Proof

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Mar 29, 2011 - May 28, 2013




Drama / Crime




Megan - Dana DelanyPeter - Nicholas BishopKate - Jeri RyanBud - John Carroll LynchSamantha - Sonja SohnElliot - Geoffrey ArendCurtis - Windell Middlebrooks

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A medical drama starring Dana Delany

Dr. Megan Hunt used to be a top-flight neurosurgeon, but had a car accident that changed her life and ended her time in the operating room. She now resumes her career as a medical examiner, and must find a way to balance the demands of her professional life with her personal life.

Comments (150)

02/23/14 at 07:35pm

Another very good show bites thew dust. Don't the powers that be at ABC watch their own shows ... guess not or this show would still be on !
01/25/14 at 05:25pm

Need to bring this show back; so many enjoyable shows have be axed.
01/12/14 at 05:36am

Sorry to hear this show will not be coming back. I really enjoyed it.
01/08/14 at 07:50pm

Why is it always ABC who cancels the good women's shows? Another cable channel should pick it up. They also canceled Witches of Eastwick and Witches of East End is similar.
01/04/14 at 03:49pm

Bring it back! It was an excellent show.
Bletsu Fatsamatta
12/10/13 at 12:20pm

NETFLIX here's your chance to come thru with more original programming, and this would work!
Are you listening out there?
cathi davis
11/26/13 at 05:37pm

Again the exes have sawdust for brains!
11/02/13 at 04:50am

this was one of my favorite shows, I watched it and looked forward to watching every week, in the off seasons I would check for updates. Why is it that when a show starts to slide, you cancel it instead of getting new writers for a fresh point of view or new idea's. I find that to be a problem whit the networks. oh well when the day comes that you have nothing of interest on your network, hopefully you will read these comments.
11/01/13 at 12:34pm

I cannot believe you cancelled Body of Proof. It was my favorite show and I looked forward to watching every week. Oh well, guess when you cancel our good shows we will have to watch another network....
Jeri Ryan Fan
10/24/13 at 10:36am

Is the show canceleld or not? Or will there be a suprize in the middle of the season (2013-2014)?

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