Body of Proof

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Mar 29, 2011 - May 28, 2013




Drama / Crime




Megan - Dana DelanyPeter - Nicholas BishopKate - Jeri RyanBud - John Carroll LynchSamantha - Sonja SohnElliot - Geoffrey ArendCurtis - Windell Middlebrooks

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A medical drama starring Dana Delany

Dr. Megan Hunt used to be a top-flight neurosurgeon, but had a car accident that changed her life and ended her time in the operating room. She now resumes her career as a medical examiner, and must find a way to balance the demands of her professional life with her personal life.

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Bob Marley
07/10/20 at 02:22pm

Why doesn't this bitch get fired? She runs rampant every episode, ignores her bosses rules and pronouncements. Does whatever she wants without any repercussions. I am so sick of these unrealistic shows that pander to the lowest segments of the tv audience. Should have been cancelled sooner, MUCH sooner
05/15/15 at 06:08pm

I am so tired of watching T.V b/c I am concerned of enjoying a good show and then they get canceled! No wonder people are gong to Netflix and hula. In the past 2 yrs I have ad several shows I "LOVE" watching cancelled
this is getting RIDICULOUS!!!
03/11/15 at 06:01am

Little late in posting - My husband and I loved this show and we were waiting to see it return - guess not. So many of the shows we like are gone and not sure if it is worth getting into anything new on some stations.
Football Girl
10/23/14 at 01:28pm

Robert...I totally agree with you. I really liked BOP. I started watching the replacement show "Forever" and it is good too, but it will probably get cancelled like the rest of the good shows. If this one gets cancelled then no more watching any new shows on ABC (aka: already been cancelled).
10/14/14 at 04:15pm

This was one of my favorites. My husband and I loved this show
10/01/14 at 08:38pm

Just discovered my waiting is in vain. Beginning to realized the level of intelligence of ABC is equivalent to an amoeba. Another very good show bites the dust and they wonder why ABC has low ratings!!!!!!
05/17/14 at 05:41pm

This show was very good. What are you doing?
Marlene Guillory
03/17/14 at 04:42pm

OMG, What???? Love this show....ugh
03/17/14 at 03:49pm

NO! NO!! NO!!! Can't believe this has been cancelled!!! It was extremely well done and I loved how she would show up at every site dressed to the 9s and not get a spot on her impeccable dress! I really did like this show and am sick it's cancelled. Another bad call by the network!
graham smith
03/09/14 at 01:21pm

absolute madness to cancel such a thought provoking and superb series. who on earth makes such stupid decisions-----obviously someone with little vision or very sad, so many loose ends in limbo.

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