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Apr 01, 2011 - Jul 16, 2011




Comedy / Drama




Michael - Eric CloseAdele - Christina ColeFay - Carmen EjogoBilly - James MurrayCasey - Tim Blake NelsonRick - Freddy RodriguezHiggins - Kurtwood Smith

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A comedic drama following a group of rogue CIA agents who fight threats to national security.

The CIA agents in question are part of the "Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services", or CHAOS as it's better known. While they work to combat threats to the nation's security, they face other battles with political infighting, bureaucratic gridlock, and rampant incompetence.

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10/15/12 at 06:06pm

WTH is wrong with networks actually giving a show a chance to develop a following..??!
Fun entertaining show with bits of reality sewn into the script....I looked forward to watching this show especially on a Friday...after a Long Week..!!
Great chemistry with this cast..!!! A comedic spin of Covert Affairs..!!
08/12/12 at 01:53pm

I loved this show. It had action but was humorous and it wasn't just constant violence or constant sex like most other shows. I honestly can't believe people actually watch all the reality crap that is on TV; or maybe they watch it out of desperation because the networks cancel all the good shows?
05/02/12 at 10:42pm

I really enjoyed watching Chaos, the casts are great so as the story lines. It's funny, unique, & very entertaining... Sooo I PLEA TO CBS TO RENEW & BRING BACK CHAOS... I'm sure that many people will watch this show if given a chance...
I want CHAOS back on TV. Please !!!!

Butch & Kassie
04/09/12 at 07:18pm

Yes..........Mu husband & I too REALLY ENJOYED this series!!! PLease bring it BACK!!??
03/15/12 at 04:12pm

I keep hoping that Chaos would get another shot, It was a most enjoyable show
Cynthia Clark
03/15/12 at 01:12pm

Here we go again!!! ANOTHER GREAT SHOW CANCELLED!!! What's wrong with you people, and who's the dumb Dora's making the decisions to cancel so many great series? This is the fourth show, which I've thoroughly enjoyed CANCELLED! BRING IT BACK!!!
02/10/12 at 05:57pm

Chaos was great. I saw the first 3 (?) episodes and then it went off the air for a long time. I and I'm sure most folks assumed it had been canceled. I later saw additional episodes online. Did these ever air?

I cannot fathom why networks do this: Show 3 or 4 episodes of a show, then put it on hiatus for months with no explanation, leaving people to assume its been cancelled. Then, they begin airing more episodes without so much as a peep about the show returning, but those episodes fare poorly in the ratings because those folks who liked the show now believe its been cancelled.

Chaos (CBS), Chase (NBC), and countless other shows have fallen victim to this.
Carol Zimmermann
12/29/11 at 09:05am

This is a very entertaining show with a really good cast. It's almost like a modern type of A Team. It wasn't given a chance. There is no one I know that didn't love it. I wonder where CBS gets their so called ratings from. I beg of another network to please pick this up????
10/15/11 at 05:57pm

Loved this show. It never got a chance. Wish someone else would pick it up.
10/12/11 at 01:44pm

I hope the program CHAOS is picked up by another network.

I am so sick of the predictable sitcoms and stupid realty shows that are being broadcast.

Whatever happened to talent, acting, writing & directing.

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