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Jul 13, 2011 - Sep 10, 2019








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A reality series following children in competitive dance along with their mothers.

Dance Moms focuses cameras on children's early steps on the road to stardom - with their doting mothers in tow, who show up for each and every rehearsal and performance.

Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller runs the school and instructs the young and talented dancers, as the spotlight focuses on the highs and lows surrounding competitive dance and the pursuit of national titles.

As hard as it is, the students also must deal with their passionate mothers who will go to any length to help their child's dream come true.

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06/01/15 at 08:21am

I love this show don't cancel it!!!!
06/01/15 at 08:19am

They shouldn't cancel the show!!!! I love that show sooo much! I watch it everyday!!!!!!!! DONT CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! It gets through the hardest times!💔 I love that show!!!😍😍❤
03/21/15 at 08:35am

I hate dance moms!!! Decides! Maddie think she is so cool but she really isn't! Abby is cruel and mean and Maddie is just a show off because she think she is the best dancer/beautiful... So I think that is offensive to everyone who wants to be a dancer. DANCE MOM IS ERRISPECTIBLE GOODNESS GRASHOUS!!! HATE MADDIE a lot and she is a brat
01/07/15 at 09:20am

This show is a disgusting excuse for entertainment and the only thing being taught is how to abuse children openly and even worse getting paid to do it. If any mother openly talked/yelled and verbally abused their child out on the street, they would have their child taken away not have a TV series for people to watch. Watching blood baths on horror shows is less stressful
12/20/14 at 09:46am

Abby's abuse toward the girls and their mom's is no longer tolerable. I will no longer be a part of promoting this show.
11/19/14 at 04:39am

Yes they need to cancel that show because too much drama between the moms and the teacher . Abby shouldn't have throw the chair at the kids. Yes they both need to close the studio down and also the candy apples because both of them are too much drama Abby and Cathy . Cathy from the candy apples need to not bring choreography from other dance show . Yes they also need to cancel kim and queen too, and but better show like a musical shoe like
Glee !! .
11/18/14 at 08:10pm

yes I love dance moms too, but abby need to not yell or scream at the kids because kids are having fun and everyone make a mistake when they are kids and grown up , peoples cry because of the fear emotional . Yes abby need to do better not scream or yell at the kids and everyone should be equal then one person at the studio. Yes if the drama, the moms and the teacher fights Yes they do need to cancel it , so little kids don't start doing it at school .. I love all the girls but the moms and the teacher are dymatic and the new groups too.
11/13/14 at 01:31pm

Abby stop being so mean and show them yourself what your looking for. I understand when they are older they should know their left from their right. Please give them a break and stop taking what their moms say are do it not the girl fault they are to obey their parent.
Haterz luv me
11/07/14 at 11:25am

You all are a bunch of dumb F**k faces quit hatin on Abby those girls and their mothers choose to stay and it's just for entertainment purposes F**k OFF
11/02/14 at 08:42pm

I hope Dance Moms gets cancelled !!! How could anyone watching the last two season not see the abuse she is dishing out to these kids season 3 was hard to watch and I couldn't even watch all of season 4. Abby Miller is a bully there is no other word for her she should be proud of all her dancers and not put them down give corrections yes but not be abusive about it. Also she had Grant Davis a man who is in trouble in Australia fro having child porn on his computer and molesting two of his dancers ( it is on Google look it up) His own wife turned him in seriously Lifetime needs to get a clue they cancel Kim of Queens a show who gives young girls self confidence with love and encouragement and actually made you the viewer feel good and smile not cringe every time you watch it. How many times can you watch a mean jealous bitter lady abuse kids PLEASE GET A CLUE LIFETIME CANCEL DANCE MOMS

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