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Feb 07, 2011 - Aug 18, 2014








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A reality series focused on the world of vehicle repossession.

The Lizard Lick Towing Company was founded in 1998 with one truck and the purpose of vehicle repossession.

Now with a staff of 15 and a truck fleet of 20, cameras follow owners Ron and Amy along with their team as they work the streets of North Carolina, seizing vehicles in often dangerous situations.

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candy a powers
12/18/17 at 02:11pm

the whole family enjoyed the show. all my grandchildren watched even now my 4 yr old grandson likes it i think you should reconsider and put it back on if not fine something like it. this is a show all family members of all ages can enjoy that other so call funny stuff on your station is dumb
12/05/17 at 09:26pm

Looks fake and if its true bobby is the real backbone of the show and he never gets the credit he deserve s
Cathy Pez
12/02/17 at 07:47pm

Why did the show get cancelled?
logan deese
11/23/17 at 06:42am

bring back lizard lick towing it was my favorite show I loved it.
Amy Anderson
11/14/17 at 01:21pm

please bring back lizard lick towing back to truTV because i loved watching the show every monday night and it was my favorite show can you please bring it back thank you
Valerie riggs
10/07/17 at 08:26pm

When is Lizard Lick coming back on all the repo shows are my favorites TV is so boring without Lizard Lick and the rest of the repo shows I hope and pray that you come back on really really miss you a lot I never missed a show
08/27/17 at 12:23pm

it should come back on Lizard Lick Towing
08/26/17 at 11:07am

Bring it back! The people in my house love to watch lizard lick. Don't care if it's U.S. or over seas
Stacy dee
08/22/17 at 11:20am

Please put lizard lick towing back on TV season 8 2017 and 2018 and I love Amy and Ronnie and bobby to and please put lizard lick towing back on TV I miss it
Stacy dee
08/22/17 at 11:17am

Please put lizard lick towing. Back on TV. Season 8 2017 2009 2018 season

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