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Sep 13, 2011 - Apr 07, 2012


The CW






Bridget/Siobhan - Sarah Michelle GellarVictor - Nestor CarbonellAndrew - Ioan GruffuddMalcolm - Mike ColterGemma - Tara SummersHenry - Kristoffer Polaha

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A drama following a woman on the run who assumes her twin sister's identity.

Bridget and Siobhan are twin sisters who have been at odds with one another. Siobhan has recently disappeared, and when Bridget finds herself wanted for murder, she takes over her twin's life to escape her own.

However it isn't long before Bridget discovers that her sister's life is just as complicated and dangerous as the life she's trying to leave behind.

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03/03/13 at 02:38pm

I was soooo looking forward to the second season of this show. I am shocked that it was cancelled. Bad choice guys!!! The cw barely has any decent shows anymore.
02/06/13 at 02:36pm

This show was just stating to get really good and then they just end it.
crystal yeager
01/23/13 at 09:18am

I agree with everyone you start to enjoy and then poof! I am not happy I am tired of this! Make a 2 hour finale or bring it back!!!
12/13/12 at 02:05pm

Bring this show back. It better than any show on TV.
11/23/12 at 09:11pm

There should be a rule that if a series is cancelled, a final episode has to be produced and aired...We all realize it's all about the money....from production cost to advertising revenues, but give the viewers who also happen to be the consumers a break...It cost nothing to make the ridiculous reality shows that are all over the TV Networks. This helps keep the margins high enough to continue them from season to season. However, the Networks will soon have a problem, as many viewers who want a more interesting story line than that offered by reality shows, will turn away from Network TV simply from the disappointment of constant cancellations...and the advertisers will follow them to wherever they go...Now that's a reality
11/12/12 at 05:57am

I cannot BELIEVE this show was cancelled! Why on EARTH would you create a series with a cliff hanger and leave the fans hanging? I think it should be a requirement to have episodes already created to END a series in the event that it is cancelled, just to provide us viewers with some closure. It was so suspenseful. What else does CW have? Smallville was CRAP at the end, but I watched it religiously until its conclusion. We were faithful fans. Now CW had a show that was intelligently written and it is cancelled? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DO NOT FAITHFULLY WATCH GOOD PROGRAMMING ANYMORE! THEY'RE AFRAID THAT IF IT IS INTELLIGENT, IT WILL BE CANCELLED. AMERICA IS BEING DUMB. THAT'S ALL IT IS! I GUESS THEY'LL FILL THE GAP WITH RE-RUN EPISODES OF THE HOUSEWIVES SERIES...
11/05/12 at 09:22am

I can't believe they cancelled a quality program like Ringer. It was so cleverly written and had a hard-to-predict storyline. Bring this show back or at least bring a 2-hour TV movie to resolve the questions left at the season finale.
11/02/12 at 07:51pm

i fell in love with this show on netflix as well and can't believe it was cancelled with a good cliff hanger.
10/23/12 at 07:06pm

I have been searching to find out when Ringer was coming back on for the 2nd season and I am sooo very upset to read this and find out that it was cancelled!This show was fantastic and I looked forward to watching it every Tuesday.How could it have not gotten a 2nd season?!They didn't even put an ending to the story!I am so bummed about this. :(
10/22/12 at 07:30pm

Agree with Dave again on this - insult to all of us - I did refuse to watch NYC 22 after cop shows I loved were cancelled and what do you know it was cancelled too -so I am glad I didn't try it out . "Lost" did get lost in the last season and the ending sucked to me but how many years did it take for them to air it !!! If it had been shown back to back I think it would have had a better impact - there were so many levels to that show ! And Ringer kept us guessing also with plot twists - shame on you -ps I still like Hart of Dixie

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