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Jul 13, 2011 - Sep 16, 2011








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A reality series following comedian Roseanne Barr's life on her newly purchased farm.

In Roseanne's Nuts, cameras follow Roseanne Barr along with her partner and son living life on their macadamia nut and livestock farm in Hawaii.

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02/19/13 at 06:10am

Had no idea this show was cancelled. I kept waiting for it come back on. Roseanne was the first of her kind in the late 80s to be an outspoken female character. Her show was no frills, and it was real life. Personally, I love her--she says what's on her mind and what you see is what you get.
05/14/12 at 02:49pm

Roseanne's Nuts and The Osbornes are the ONLY reality shows I have ever watched and loved. Come on Roseanne and her sweetie and family are a BLAST! PLEEZ BRING HER BACK!
04/03/12 at 07:08pm

It was tearable, just like Hulk Hogan and Fran Dresser attempt. Let's face it Folks, Reality Shows, REALY! OMG, get a Life.
03/20/12 at 08:26pm

Couldn't have happened early enough!! to bad that some folks find it entertaining for some "celebrity" to show thier stupidity & lack of class.
02/20/12 at 08:44pm

Put Roseanne down if you want, but she is real. This wasn't a reality show about trashy girls pretending to be classy because their parents have money, with affairs and fake marriages being the main headlines.
01/12/12 at 01:04pm

I love her and absolutely adored ROSEANNES NUTS. She is an outspoken American that has her own opinions. It's a shame most people can't handle it. How is it that she was cancelled and not the damn Kardashians???? Damn those greedy, conservative televisoin networks!!!
12/08/11 at 10:27pm

Glad this garbage did not make it. What a nasty stain roseanne is on society. A real trashy slob.
10/12/11 at 06:06am

She should have kept her mouth shut on political issues because she needed the fans of both sides to make it a hit.
SHe turned too many people off like me. Would have liked to give her a chance but she blew it. Good bye Rosanne! You deserved cancellation.
10/06/11 at 11:20pm

this was one of my favorite shows, it was too funny and too much fun to watch. every time a show comes out that i like, it gets the boot. i guess it is a good thing that i hate justified,big bang theory and harrys law ?????
09/28/11 at 09:12pm

This is so sad. I really enjoyed the show! I loved the laughter! When will these
networks learn?

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