South Beach Tow

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Jul 20, 2011 - Dec 10, 2014








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A docu-drama set in the world of car repossession.

South Beach Tow is a docu-drama depicting the world of vehicle repossession. The series follows family-run Tremont Towing and their hardworking crew as they take to the streets and get into unpredictable situations.

Manager Robert runs a tight ship, and over the years has turned the company into a million-dollar business. Helping him out are his son, Robbie Jr., and daughter, Christie. He also has a trio of skilled drivers - Frankie, Eddie and Jerome.

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Ronald McCoy
04/15/19 at 05:45pm

Our weekly family night was centered on watching South Beach Tow and Lizard Lick Towing. Please reconsider and bring back. Please.
02/05/19 at 08:27pm

please bring back south beach tow and lizard lick
Valerie gatdner
09/04/18 at 11:38am

I am a 57 year old woman with a lot of friends and family who we would sit around and eat with our husbands and friends enjoying this show. It was very entertaining and a lot of people talk about this show. The characters are all great, especially Bernice and Dave. We have been checking online to see if and when it will return. We simply love the show and feel it should return to television. Please work it out and bring it back. Men and women, young and old loves the show. Not in a million years would i have thought i would like a show like this but I dont just like it, i simply lovvve it.
Mr.Brandon Artwohl
08/01/18 at 03:15pm

Please bring Christie from south Beach tow back to it was a very good show and I really liked it.
07/19/18 at 09:04pm

My family and I always watched this show when it came on. It’s one of our favorite shows to watch. We all want the show back on the air please bring it back!!!
07/15/18 at 02:12pm

Bernice can you bring south beach tow back & name the show Bernice got this
07/12/18 at 05:27pm

Loved the show and characters. Bring it back.
michael dobey
06/12/18 at 09:51pm

Tru tv once had 'swamp towing' , Operation repo' and this one. Now they have nothing. And the rumor was cmt was going to get this one. But four years on? It was a fun show though. Well it just never came back which is sad.
donnas johnson
05/24/18 at 10:05pm

bring back show miss Bernice and big Dave.
cassie freeman
05/05/18 at 04:50pm

bring bernice back and the cast love that show

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