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Sep 26, 2011 - Jun 28, 2018








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Food. Life. Fun.

The Chew is a daily talk show focused on topics related to food and lifestyle.

Hosts include Mario Batali and Michael Symon of Iron Chef America, Carla Hall of Top Chef, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear, and Daphne Oz, daughter of well-known nutritionist Dr. Oz.

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dolores cocchiola
07/06/18 at 11:11am

Hi I sincerely loved this show I am an 8yr survivor at 73 yrs old I recorded The Chew if I could watch at the time / Totally loved it laugh learn something new | Thank You please come back |||
Alyssa Errigo
07/05/18 at 02:40pm

I LOVE Michael Symon, the way he cooks and teaches is the best on TV. I am so disappointed the Chew was cancelled. Enough with Good Morning America! 8 minute commercial breaks made me turn them off a long time ago. I hope someone else sees the value in the Chew and brings it back.
Shauna Connors
07/04/18 at 04:46am

Why the Chew. It took me about a week to really get hooked, but now I really am mad about it being CAncelled...and to continue [laying old show is just wrong.
Ann Marie Webb
07/03/18 at 11:03am

So sad about this show. It was fun and informative. I will NOT be watching ABC at noon from now on!!!!
karen stellberger
07/02/18 at 11:15am

this was one of the best shows. So disappointed that it got cancelled would love to see something similar be put on if you cant get the chew back on
06/28/18 at 04:59pm

Please bring back "The Chew." I love Michael, Clinton and Carla. They bring informative information to the viewers and make it fun. Also love seeing all the celebrities in a more informal environment. Thanks.
06/26/18 at 10:41am

I am so disappointed and sad that The Chew has been cancelled. This is one of the few shows left on network TV during the daytime that is fun and informative without all of the 24/7 drama and tragedy. Two hours of GMA is enough already and that is too much for me. I hope another network will pick it up, please.
Dora Asquino-Berney
06/26/18 at 10:21am

No more ABC for me, their canceling The Chew is a disaster, favorite show, record it when I am away.
06/26/18 at 10:18am

Stupid!!! Who needs another hour of gma? Don’t even watch the other hours. The chew was so uplifting and entertaining and brightened my day. Stop the insanity! Bring back the chew. Mario is gone so there is no need to cancel the show because of him. The other three hosts carry the show sooooo well! The guests they have are a delight to watch and you learn so much about them and their cooking techniques and their personal stories. GMA is long enough!!! Big mistake!!!
06/25/18 at 03:15pm

In shock loved the show and hosts was very entertaining won’t be watching GMA don’t care about it

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