Betty White's Off Their Rockers

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Jan 16, 2012 - Mar 28, 2014








Host - Betty White

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A reality prank show hosted by Betty White.

In this series, eldery men and women prank members of the younger generation in hidden-camera setups.

Comments (3)

10/26/14 at 03:35pm

This show was a real hoot & so funny!! My wife & I enjoy this show the most & DVR it.
It gives us so much to laugh @ & really bridges the gap for the younger generation
to understand us older people & that no matter what age you are you can always always laugh @ yourself & the the funny things others do.
barbara curry
10/14/13 at 10:30am

I cannot believe this has been cancelled my husband and I laugh out loud the whole show. I love this show bring it back we need to laugh more and this show does it.
09/08/13 at 11:05am

I just saw this show for the first time and it was really funny. This show was not given a chance or advertised right. I dvr a lot so it takes me awhile to catch up and watch live TV. I was going to dvr the show now that I saw it and its been cancelled real nice :(

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