Bomb Girls

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Jan 04, 2012 - Apr 29, 2013








Lorna - Meg TillyGladys - Jodi BalfourKate - Charlotte HegeleBetty - Ali Liebert

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A drama following women working in a Canadian munitions factory during World War II.

Set in the 1940s, Bomb Girls follows the lives of four women who risked their lives working in a munitions factory building bombs for the Allied forces during World War II. During this time they are thrust into new experiences that change each them in profound ways as they are liberated from their home and social restrictions.

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12/08/15 at 09:53pm

I love and miss this show bring it back if at least Finnish it!!!!
10/11/14 at 07:29pm

Loved this show. Found it on Reelz and set series recording so I wouldn't miss a bit. Why do the networks keep showing stupid "reality" tv when there are such excellent productions available. I'd give anything to replace a ridiculous hillbilly show with Bomb Girls! Are people so pathetic that we just want to voyeur stupidity? This was a wonderful story based on history and the acting was excellent. I'm very sorry to see it go.
08/28/14 at 03:14am

Love, love, loved this show. Love period dramas and they were fantastic at it. What's wrong with the ratings people.
05/18/14 at 06:31pm

If the show has been cancelled then why don't you know that Reelz Channel has been rerunning the entire show; seasons 1 & 2 and the new season starts May 26? Dated from 2014. Am I the only one who has noticed this?
11/21/13 at 09:58pm

I wish this show aired in the the US the plot sounds awesome and like something I would have watched
10/23/13 at 12:59pm

I really liked this show and was looking for it for a while, then came to this sight. How sad it was cancelled. It was "old-fashion" television at its best. Boo-Hoo!!!
07/09/13 at 03:58pm

I loved this show. On the facebook page for saving the show they said that they might have a tv movie in the future.
05/03/13 at 03:36am

Great show! I was very intrested in the story lines..Maybe it needs a different time slot...
04/24/13 at 02:11am

Not just what women in Canada did, the British women did the same and under fire from bombs. Shame it's being cancelled.
04/15/13 at 06:52pm

This show gives us a look at how the Canadiens put their women to work to help in the war effort of world war two. Very entertaining well worth your time to watch. The mucky mucks have come up with a winner. MKL

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