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May 27, 2012 - Oct 09, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Kiera - Rachel NicholsCarlos - Victor WebsterAlec - Erik KnudsenMatthew - Stephen LoboTravis - Roger CrossSonya - Lexa Doig

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A sci-fi drama following the conflict between a cop and a group of rebels who time-traveled from the year 2077.

In present-day 2012, a group of rebels have time-traveled from the year 2077 after being convicted there as terrorists. Kiera is a police officer, known as a Protector, who is inadvertently transported along with them.

In order to prevent the terrorist group from changing the past, and therefore the future, Kiera joins the police of 2012 and also works with a young tech expert to track down the terrorists' pasts.

Comments (26)

08/18/14 at 02:47am

this show has lost its magic half way through season 1... really. Cancel it already
08/14/14 at 02:53pm

whats taking so long for this to be renewed for season 4 come on i hope they bring it back they just cant leave it with a cliffhanger like alphas,alctraz
08/14/14 at 05:09am

I have no idea why all the negative comments. In my humble opinion, the show is getting better and more exciting every season, and the next season is expected to be the best one among others.
Everything about the show is great (acting, story-line, ideas, thrilling, etc).
You can feel while watching how much efforts all creators of this show have been putting to produce such great work.
08/04/14 at 03:23pm

I love all you haters who aren't smart enough to understand the show. Why don't you go watch lost girl..HAHAHA
07/30/14 at 05:55pm

Have to agree with recent comments.Show has lost it's way.I love shows about time travel but seems like they get confused sooner or later and I'm talking about all shows with this premise.
07/06/14 at 00:24am

This show started so good, really interesting concept but somehow it has lost the magic, it got lost and muddled. Pity! I love SciFi, but this one is getting confusing, who is writing this stuff? It doesn't seem to go anywhere anymore.
07/02/14 at 07:44pm

This show has gone downhill every year. I barely made it through season 3. I thought the time travel episode at the end of season 2 would continue maybe 1 or even 2 episodes in season 3 but they tried to milk it to last the entire season! I am a big Sci-fi nut but this show just dragged and dragged. Time for the gong!
07/02/14 at 05:28pm

This show is okay. Too bad sci-fi fans have to settle for this.
05/16/14 at 12:27pm

Has Continuum been renewed for 2015 yet?
07/30/13 at 03:48am

Since it is not on a network that uses rating system I can not tell what is happening since this network is not in the rating system.. I know the existing rating system is flawed and really gives false information since it does not rate people who record to watch later and people above a certain age. Gee did they ever think we might be working when it is on and need to record it. How many of those watching live have jobs and could buy sponcers products???????? System sponsors use to rate the people watching is not accurate. MKL MUCKY MUCKS no brains.

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