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Sep 11, 2012 - Apr 11, 2013








Ryan - Matthew PerryLauren - Laura BenantiAnnie - Julie WhiteYolanda - Suzy NakamuraOwen - Tyler James WilliamsMr. K - Brett GelmanDon - Khary PaytonStephen - John ChoGeorge - Bill CobbsCarrie - Allison Miller

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A comedy following a sportscaster trying to move on from the loss of his wife.

Ryan King is a sports talk radio host who is about ready to return to his job after the tragic loss of his wife. He thinks getting back to work will help take his mind off things, but Ryan's boss has other plans for him, forcing him to attend grief counseling before returning to the airwaves.

Ryan reluctantly attends a "life change" support group, where he meets an eclectic cast of characters with their own back-stories filled of personal loss. And while he initially resists the sessions, Ryan comes to realize they may be more beneficial than initially thought.

Comments (40)

06/09/13 at 09:39am

Finally a witty, and sharp show. I love MP. He deserved at least a second season. Screw you NBC
06/08/13 at 07:55am

My family loves this show, stop canceling great shows
06/07/13 at 11:51am

NBC blows , I hope TBS picks it up!!!
06/05/13 at 07:28pm

It is not our fault the execs at NBC are trying to recover from giving the NHL and Notre Dame all of their money and quickly cancel every show they have because they can't compete with the real networks. It is a shame to see how far a good has fallen. Maybe this show will get picked up somewhere else. We can only help.
05/27/13 at 03:27pm

Wonderful show, lots of heart. Just getting to know all the funny folks. NBC has not given this show enough time to prove itself. it's proven it to me. Big mistake in light of all the crappy reality shows. PLEASE RECONSIDER.
Jeremy Hovik
05/23/13 at 04:01am

This show is great especially compared to the other crap out there. Please come to your senses NBC
05/16/13 at 07:03pm

quirky and funny..good to have matthew perry back on the tube...bummer
05/15/13 at 06:17pm

This is a very funny show. It is well written and well casted. NBC has very few shows worth watching and now they cancel one of their best? It doesn't make sense.
Mary Shawver
05/14/13 at 03:38pm

Love love this show. Hate it is cancelled.
05/13/13 at 04:17pm

I love this show! Cant believe NBC canceled it. I always lol'ed at something on the show. Well written & acted. What a shame NBC wont give it a chance to grow. Matthew Perry should be proud of his work. I see NBC renewed Celebrity Apprentice (garbage), yet canceled Go On. No wonder why theyre in the toilet!

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