Guys with Kids

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Sep 12, 2012 - Feb 27, 2013








Gary - Anthony AndersonNick - Zach CreggerChris - Jesse BradfordMarny - Tempestt BledsoeSheila - Erinn HayesEmily - Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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A sitcom following three guys in their thirties trying to raise their infant children.

Gary, Chris, and Nick are three 30-something dads who are trying to hold on to their youth while dealing with the responsibilities that come along with raising young children.

Thankfully the guys have each others' backs during the highs and lows of fatherhood, helping each other balance home life and still being able to do stuff with the guys.

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04/16/14 at 05:09pm

This show was so entertaining. Miss it.
02/26/14 at 02:29pm

This was a good family show, why did you cancel it nbc? kids enjoyed it as well too bad
01/28/14 at 00:36am

SERIOUSLY. I LOVED this show. Its a well known fact that stay at home fathers is on the rise. Its NOT because they're lazy or deadbeat. It's who's capable of making the most. Being a stay at home parent is harder then most jobs. I respect men who will take care of their children. Their secure in their manhood... Please listen to all the fans. Bring them back......
09/16/13 at 06:30pm

this was one of the funniest comedies that had been on TV for a very long time! I loved it!!! NOT HAPPY now.
Mari Navarro
09/12/13 at 08:04pm

I LOVED this show, it was hilarious, I always looked up to seeing a new episode. Brilliant cast. Such a bummer it got cancelled. NBC is really stupid for doing so! Hopefully another network picks it up. Its never to late.
09/11/13 at 06:27pm

It' kills me when there's a great clean comedy on it gets cancelled.
09/09/13 at 04:50am

Noooo! Why?? And I finally thought we had a funny comedy again... This show was a jewel in a forest of wooden marbles.
08/01/13 at 08:03am

I loved this show! It was actually one of the funny ones. I'm tired of them cancelling good shows.
07/11/13 at 05:30pm

Stupid of nbc to cancel it. I watched on tv from SWEDEN! And i Loved IT. So sad. Bring it back please. So i have something funny to watch, during the winter and fall.
07/07/13 at 08:49am

damn u CBS! guys with kids is awesome! a laughed for every episode.

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