Magic City

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Mar 30, 2012 - Aug 09, 2013








Ike - Jeffrey Dean MorganVera - Olga KurylenkoStevie - Steven StraitLily - Jessica MaraisDanny - Christian CookeJudi - Elena SatineMercedes - Dominik Garcia-LoridoLauren - Taylor BlackwellBen - Danny Huston

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A period drama following a hotel owner who is forced into a deal with a local mob boss.

It's 1959 and Ike Evans is the owner of Miami's most prestigious hotel called the Miramar Playa. Threatened by unrest and unionization attempts by his employees, Ike is forced into a deal with a city mob boss that will ensure the future success of his hotel.

Comments (28)

02/28/14 at 07:51pm

How sad!!!! It's really the only thing worth watching on STARZ. Great show, interesting writing, and they leave us with the incomplete story. Time to "drop" STARZ
We can only hope one of the "smarter networks" will pick it up. PLEASE!!!!
lance lars
02/16/14 at 02:27pm

great show! I just convinced my buds to pick up i gotta call them and say fawgetta bout it.
01/20/14 at 03:12pm

This show was the only reason I kept Staz
ira garvin
01/19/14 at 04:20pm

so sorry to see magic city cancelled. my wife and i looked forward to it each week.
12/03/13 at 05:51am

Magic City was my favorite show!!!! It was extremely
sad for me when all of a sudden it was just Gone!
It was so well done and I'm sure everyone misses "The Butcher"!
11/29/13 at 12:52pm

Magic City was my favorite weekly & my husband loved it too. Each week we anxiously awaited the next episode. I will miss it terribly. Hats off to the cast & directors. Great job.
11/27/13 at 10:37pm

Starz...what are you doing????
This is a well written story with an excellent cast !!!!
You are building a fan base with a quality product.
Have some faith in your initial decisions.
If you are going to continue to pull the plug prematurely,perhaps you should give up show business and look into bath tub demonstrations...seeing stars fondly...
10/31/13 at 05:51pm

Come on Starz!! Not again! You're like Lucy yanking the football from Charlie Brown. Really good show, will a great story line. DISAPPOINTED AGAIN.
10/29/13 at 03:54pm

So sad, it was getting better and better! Had so many possibilities.
10/21/13 at 06:22am

Oh, STARZ, STARZ, STARZ.....why do we trust thee? You yanked yet another well-written show from your roster. And on top of that, left us with a cliff hanger and unresolved story lines. I think we will avoid getting involved with Starz shows in the future -- why waste our time!

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