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Dec 10, 2012 - Dec 17, 2012






Host - Howie Mandel

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A game show where contestants choose from a selection of prizes they hope are higher than the others.

Howie Mandel hosts this game show where contestants take turns selecting prizes ranging from vacations and cars to robots and jet packs, in hopes of picking one with a higher value than others available.

The next player then faces a dilemma: to steal a prize that has already been revealed or take a chance with another unopened prize in hopes that it has a higher value?

When only two contestants remain, the players must each make a life-changing choice: keep the prizes they have or try to take all the prizes. If both players choose to "keep mine," they will each keep the prizes they have won in the prior rounds. If one player chooses "keep mine" and the other chooses to "Take It All," the player that chose "Take It All" will go home with all the prizes - theirs and their opponents. But if both choose "Take It All," they both go home with nothing.

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10/26/22 at 07:54pm


Yes, it was flawed. The Prisoner's Dilemma is supposed to be set up in a way that both participants choosing to turn on each other is worse for them than both choosing not to. But because you were guaranteed to lose your prizes if your opponent chose to try to "Take It All" regardless of what you did, there was no reason not to.

The one episode I remember the ending to had one player who failed miserably to hide that they were going to try to Take It All, so there was nothing the other player could do. All of the tension ceased to exist because the outcome couldn't have been more obvious.
10/26/22 at 07:36pm

I still remember this stinker almost a decade after it aired. One of the worst shows I've seen in my entire life. How do you screw up the tension of your final round by having *zero* reason for the players to not at least try to backstab their opponent (let alone encouraging it by letting them take all the prizes)?

And the production values were terrible. What was the budget, two packs of Twizzlers and whatever handful of change was in the Producer's pocket that day? It looked like something filmed for a high-school filmmaking class, not a professional project with enough funding to hire Howie Mandel at the peak of his career. Everyone involved should have been embarrassed. No wonder they burned it off in the middle of December where as few people as possible could watch it.

I'm one of maybe a dozen people who ever remembers this show existed and that's a dozen people too many. Garbage.
08/03/13 at 11:23pm

This show was great the prizes were amazing the concept wasn't flawed,you couldn't tell who would of one or not you took a guess half the time you were probably wrong so I hope this show keeps going.
06/05/13 at 09:42am

Awful show with a truly flawed concept, especially the final round, which more often than not can be predicted before it even happens. I hope this one is a bust; it will not be missed.

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