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Sep 29, 2013 - Jan 19, 2014








Sara - Hannah WareJack - Stuart TownsendDrew - Chris JohnsonT.J. - Henry ThomasElaine - Wendy MonizThatcher - James CromwellValerie - Elizabeth McLaughlinVictor - Braeden Lemasters

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A drama following a woman who has an affair with a lawyer of a powerful family.

When Sara and Jack have a chance meeting, their attraction is immediate - even though they are both already in relationships. They begin an affair, but Sara soon learns that Jack is a top attorney representing the son of a powerful businessman who her husband is prosecuting in a murder trial.

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04/30/14 at 07:16am

I really enjoyed this show. I will be sad to see it go. I think the last episode wrapped up the show. It was never given a chance. ABC should have moved to a different time slot to give it a chance.
04/29/14 at 03:42pm

Love the show please do not take it off the air
Nico Scott
04/21/14 at 09:53am

Betrayal is one of the all time best shows and I hope they keep this show for a long time. I've never seen a show where all 4 of the people in a love triangle are so likable. Brilliant. At least, don't leave us hanging. Viewers need closure when they invest in tv story lines. Remember the show, Invasion, anyone? I don't want another repeat. Canceling shows like this makes me never want to invest in a new series, only to be left hanging. Canceling mid storyline is bad for future new shows because people don't want to invest in it only to have it cancelled and always wonder what would have happened.
04/20/14 at 08:40pm

I can't believe another great show is being cancelled! I might as well sell my TV for all the good I get out of it, I can think of many shows that should be cancelled! GOODBYE ABC!
Rosemary Cutrona
04/15/14 at 01:13pm

There is so little on TV how could this show be cancelled. Reality TV really. I can not believe they cancel the good ones and the horrible stuff they keep.
What is wrong with these people that make these decisions.
The shows and the movies today are bad.
04/12/14 at 12:43pm

My wife and I love this show. We started with the Americans, then orphan black, scandal, reign and then betrayal. It is better than the rest.
After the first show we thought that's it. What more can be done. Then the next episode and the next, they always delivered more. Please don't cancel!
04/11/14 at 05:48pm

Love this cancels shows way too fast. Please reconsider!!!
04/06/14 at 11:14am

This is one of the few really promising new TV shows. It seems that the good ones are always cancelled - who makes these decisions anyway?
04/04/14 at 07:41pm

Betrayal is such a fun show.... please, please don't cancel.... :-)
04/03/14 at 03:13pm

This is my show! My escape from everything! ! Please don't cancel it! !!

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