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Jan 07, 2013 - Mar 18, 2013








Joanna - Meagan GoodRobert - Victor GarberSophia - Katherine LaNasaEdward - Tate DonovanSamantha - Marin HinkleWill - Laz AlonsoMia - Ella Rae PeckJulian - Wes Brown

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A drama following a detective who re-enters the lives of a wealthy family to investigate the death of her friend.

Joanna Locasto is a detective who goes undercover and re-enters the lives of the wealthy Bowers family in order to investigate the mysterious death of a famous socialite, who was also her childhood friend.

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Donald Meyer
05/31/18 at 10:23am

Can we sign a petition to bring back Deception?
Brenda e Meyer
05/31/18 at 10:22am

Yes, bring back Deception. the plots were great, and I loved the cast... what can we do to bring it back?
05/13/18 at 08:52pm

Love the show Deception and really hope that another network picks it up.
Robyn C.
11/03/15 at 02:20am

It really would be nice to bring back such amazing show that was on TV. We need more show like this. That why I say they really should bring back Deception I know it been some years but these show on TV now nothing like this show was. So if this can make a different please think about bring it back on the air. Thank you!!!
06/25/14 at 03:08pm

Want to cancel something useless? Try you evening news with the robot man
04/04/14 at 07:54am

Yes I agree, please bring it back, loved this show from the beginning. One of the better shows on tv. couldn't wait for it to come back on to see what happens next only to find out it had been canceled.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!
02/03/14 at 11:59am

I just don't understand why you cancelled Deception, that was a great show, if you had decent writers they could have turned that plot around. I really wish you would reconsider bringing it back. UGGGG
01/22/14 at 04:46pm

Deception was an amazing show. I don't watch a lot of TV but this show captured my attention. Sad to see that it was cancelled. Hopefully another network will pick it up.
01/16/14 at 06:27pm

This show was soo good. I really want it to come back. Everyone needs to go on twitter and tell Meagan Good and Laz Alfonso to tell them to go to bet. Bet love supporting good shows that feature black people. look at the game. It got cancelled on the cw and came back to the game for 3 seasons.
Christal I
12/31/13 at 02:32pm

This was one of the best shows with a decent plot that kept me waiting for the next one. Whoever let this one go made a huge mistake!

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