Golden Boy

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Feb 26, 2013 - May 14, 2013




Drama / Crime




Walter - Theo JamesDon - Chi McBrideTony - Kevin AlejandroDeb - Bonnie SomervilleJoe - Holt McCallanyAgnes - Stella Maeve

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A cop drama following the rise of an ambitious officer to become New York's youngest ever police commissioner.

Walter William Clark Jr. is a street cop who ruffles some feathers while rising through the ranks on his way to becoming the youngest police commissioner in New York's history.

Comments (276)

03/18/14 at 07:33pm

This was a great show!!! This needs to be brought back!!!
03/17/14 at 03:44pm

And another good one bites the dust. This show had great potential. So sad it won't get the chance!
03/13/14 at 07:05pm

Golden Boy was one of the best tv series.
How can the network explain its cancellation?
Seems like the good ones are dissapearing .......and the trashy ones are staying.
Tina from Tampa
03/13/14 at 11:14am

This was an excellent show. Where do they get the ratings from that determine what shows should remain and which ones should be cancelled? I loved this show and was hoping it would last. The Good Shows seem to die young and the Awful ones live on forever!
mad about it
03/03/14 at 02:37pm

This was my favorite show! Why do they cancel the best ones?
02/18/14 at 06:17pm

I'm so sad this canceled it was really good show..
02/13/14 at 08:38am

The cancellation of this show was really disappointing, esp. when they played it long enough to get you hooked on the storyline [thread] that developed with each episode. At least they could have considered an extended episode to wrap things up.
01/30/14 at 04:59pm

This was not good. Facebook had 5,000 followers when it canceled and now has over 16,000 - it's tripled its followers. This was a great show.
01/20/14 at 08:19pm

Golden boy was the best show to watch and I looked forward to it every week and discovered it was cancelled. Compared to other shows this was a great one and yet they keep 2 broke girls instead of golden boy! We need it back.
01/13/14 at 09:07pm

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