Golden Boy

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Feb 26, 2013 - May 14, 2013




Drama / Crime




Walter - Theo JamesDon - Chi McBrideTony - Kevin AlejandroDeb - Bonnie SomervilleJoe - Holt McCallanyAgnes - Stella Maeve

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A cop drama following the rise of an ambitious officer to become New York's youngest ever police commissioner.

Walter William Clark Jr. is a street cop who ruffles some feathers while rising through the ranks on his way to becoming the youngest police commissioner in New York's history.

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08/10/15 at 08:00am

I've been hanging on to hope that maybe, just maybe this show would return, whether on CBS or another network. The original plot line(s) was genius. I was and still am eager to see what happens next. Please pick this show back up if anything, at least to give it an ending worth while. It's deserving of at least that and a whole lot more.
Moira Low
10/08/14 at 02:27am

Very upset this was cancelled. Great show. Watched last episode tonight which was inconclusive. Why are these networks cancelling shows when it is obvious the story line has so much more to give. Southland is the other show I have now discovered has also finished leaving you up in the air.
07/08/14 at 01:59pm

Great show wish we could do something about it.
06/22/14 at 08:24pm

What a great show! I can't understand why it got canceled we all loved it. What a shame
dawn stewart
06/09/14 at 12:54pm

why every series that i do like it be cancelled and it made me don't want to watch TV any more
lindsey w
05/15/14 at 11:23pm

Why in the world are only ages 18-49 considered in the ratings scale?? Ratings charts should encompass all viewers no matter their age. If ratings scale was fair and not discriminating against younger and older humans you would clearly see higher ratings. This show was a great one with. Unique story line and deserved a lot more time. Many people I've talked to about my disgust in Golden Boys cancellation admitted to not knowing it was even a show. So, do better advertising, I'll offer up free advertising by filling up my social media outlets with dis mission about the show and announcing its return as well as verbAl and text conversations full of Golden Boys return to tv. Don't be as stupid as NBC and cancel all the shows I even tune into your network to watch...unfortunately I think we are officially to that point though.y'all aren't leaving me with but one show I tune in to watch. I, in general, despise reality television shows. Too many are kept running for their umpteenth season yet are meaningless, immature, catty and just plain annoying...however, the only remaining show on CBS that I will tune in to watch each season is The Amazing Race...Other than that, CBS airs nothing else I care go watch. So BRING BACK GOLDEN BOY!!!!!
05/13/14 at 04:49pm

I cannot believe this show was cancelled!!! It was getting so good and I was learning so much about the characters and their back-stories and then they just cut it off! And I'm left with all these questions!! They really need rethink how they decide what shows get cut because it seems to me the best ones don't last or aren't given a chance!
05/07/14 at 11:21pm

It seems to me everyone should be blaming / suing the Neilson ratings people for discriminating against people over 49 for all the good shows being canceled. If you're between 18-49 years old you get your choice of what to watch. Over 49 and your voice just does not count anymore. Loved this show. Hate to see it gone.
04/01/14 at 02:23pm

Hah! I guess they are really regretting canceling this great show - I mean, have you seen the crowds Theo James is getting from his role in Divergent? If they had kept the show going while he played in Divergent trilogy, they would all have become richer than Trump. But seriously, if they have any idea over how many who's watching the series online right now (not only because of Theo, but it is actually a really appealing story), they're most likely crying themselves to sleep at night right now - which is exactly what they deserve. Going to miss this show so much tho.
03/29/14 at 02:47pm

Once again, bring back Golden Boy. I think some of the so-called executives need to be reassigned or need to learn to decipher good, storyline programs. Give the show an opportunity to develop. How about if you folks are given a few weeks to develop your new skills on a new job then booted out.

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