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Feb 04, 2013 - Apr 08, 2013




Drama / Medical




Tyler - Jamie BamberTina - Jennifer FinniganBuck - Bill IrwinHarding - Alfred MolinaSydney - Sarayu RaoJorge - Ving RhamesSung - Keong SimJohn - Jonathan Silverman

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A medical drama based on a novel by Sanjay Gupta.

Monday Mornings follows five doctors in their professional and personal lives at a Portland hospital.

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08/22/14 at 02:01pm

I was just looking back at semi-recent cancellations, I've only watched a few of the shows. This one hurt, I really liked it.
07/06/14 at 12:49pm

Truly one of the best shows I've seen on tv in a long time. I love watching
Ving Rhames & the other actors are stupendous. I just hate they have taken
It off the air. Maybe if there were more shows like this & not as many violence
Shows there would be less killings.
07/05/14 at 00:55am

Superb acting by an exceptional cast, enticing story lines, great writing. So, why would it be cancelled, you may ask? I cannot fathom a valid reason. It should have had a good, long run. It was certainly better than all these reality shows that are being shoved down our throats! We need more shows like this. Quit putting them on and canceling them so quickly!!
06/10/14 at 08:51pm

I agree. It was a very good show. Please bring ut back!
06/04/14 at 09:36am

Please bring back Monday Mornings. It's one of the great new shows on the air. Reconsider PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
05/12/14 at 07:23pm

I was looking for the season to began again; my life is so busy I recorded most episodes...I thank God for that. ..I find it hard to believe just when real TV starts to get real good they canceled one of my favorite shows, without given it a chance. .The trash that is still on TV and shows that should have never aired are on and still running. ...I love TNT...This time you messed up...This is/was a great show...Please bring it back. ...
David Settle
05/04/14 at 08:08pm

Monday Mornings was a great show. This show was one of the few that I made time for to watch.
Chris. D
04/29/14 at 06:32pm

Don't understand why this show was canceled! !! It was a Great show!! Even though the head Dr. was jackass he played the heck out of the character!!! I am like some of the people's comments already. Why all of these Reality TV shows!!! Please bring it back!!!
04/21/14 at 05:49pm

Please bring Monday Morning back. It was a really good show.
04/19/14 at 05:37pm

Finally an intellectual,funny, sad series and then poof it's gone. Please bring it back!!!

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