Orphan Black

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Mar 30, 2013 - Aug 12, 2017


Drama / Sci-fi




Sarah - Tatiana MaslanyFelix - Jordan GavarisPaul - Dylan BruceArt - Kevin HanchardMrs. S - Maria Doyle KennedyVic - Michael MandoKira - Skyler WexlerAngela - Inga CadranelGavin - Ron LeaDelphine - Evelyne BrochuDonnie - Kristian BruunAynesley - Natalie Lisinska

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A sci-fi drama following a woman who steals the identity of someone who commits suicide and looks just like her.

Sarah is an orphan whose life abruptly changes after she witnesses a woman commit suicide and notices she looks exactly like her. With problems in her own life, Sarah decides to assume the woman's identity. Instead of solving her issues, she is taken deep into a deadly mystery, discovering that she and the dead woman are clones - and not the only ones.

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06/15/13 at 07:50pm

The best show I've seen in a long time!! LOVE!
05/01/13 at 07:23am

One of the best scifi shows yet!
04/20/13 at 08:10pm

Great new show. Thank you for listing it, you do miss some new shows so I am wondering what sources you are using. Still the best sight ever to give us information and the availabilty to express our opinion. Thanks again for being here for me. MKL
04/16/13 at 03:32pm

Highly recommend for someone like me looking for a new show to watch. Keeps you interested, different, mysterious and sexy. For me its on Saturday's at 9 p.m.

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