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Aug 05, 2013 - Oct 02, 2014








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A comedy following a 19th century sheriff who uses forensics to track down criminals.

This improvised comedy focuses on John Henry Hoyle, a Harvard graduate who moves to the frontier town of Great Bend, Kansas in 1875 to become the new sheriff.

Along with his reluctant deputy, he uses the emerging field of forensics to help track down dangerous criminals in the wild west.

Comments (18)

10/17/19 at 05:08am

Best show ever!!!
frank marshall
09/14/19 at 01:06am

Great.,fresh,out da box humor.Ya just never know were this guys going..Im 67years old and have watched a lot of comedy in my life and Im telling ya theres nothing else out there like this show.the 2 people who and direct are writer director comic genuis!!!!!! Whoevers footing the bill for this is or could make alot of money given the chance.
Cory cavanaugh
03/14/19 at 09:07pm

All I have to say since my accident leaving me paralyzed I have not been able to find humor in very many TV series but quickdraw has been one of the most amusing and funniest things I've seen on TV I'm 11 years being paralyzed please come back make another one and another one and another one and another one
Thomas L Scott
03/07/19 at 01:05pm

Quickdraw has the viewers for many seasons. My hope is the actors and writers have the desire to continue. Please, seek out other options (Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, etc). C'mon Lehr, don't tease us with 2 seasons and leave us 'hangin'!
Gary Giller
02/10/19 at 05:00pm

Bring Quick Draw back! I can’t believe it was cancelled!
01/02/19 at 03:09pm

Original, funny, engaging, "let's cancel it" ? Really ?
11/23/18 at 09:49pm

Absolutely hilarious show would love to see it make a return
11/18/18 at 04:37am

Fired my cable tv and got Hulu. What joy binge watching QuickDraw. What disappointment discovering it’s cancellation. How could such a great series be discontinued ? Great work John, Allison, Bob and all the rest of the talented cast.
Abdullah S
11/02/18 at 07:41pm

Quick Draw is soooo hilarious and original! I'm a big fan of spaghetti westerns and when I discovered this show in 2018, I binged watched it, only to discover it was cancelled way back in 2014. SO SO SO SO SAD. Bring it back please, somebody, anybody! First Firefly, now Quick Draw?? Sheesh networks don't know quality at all. Oh well, back to Red Dead Redemption 2, which I swear took a bit of inspiration from Quick Draw's sets.
08/25/18 at 11:56am

not a bot - I hate to find out it's officially canceled. I had a dream they'd be back for season 3... Sigh! #BringItBack! #Hulu

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