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Jan 21, 2013 - May 18, 2015




Drama / Horror




Ryan - Kevin BaconJoe - James PurefoyClaire - Natalie ZeaDebra - Annie ParisseMike - Shawn AshmoreSarah - Maggie Grace

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A drama following an FBI agent tracking a network of serial killers.

Joe Carroll is a former college professor who became infamous for teaching the works of Edgar Allan Poe and killing young women in his honor. Now behind bars, Carroll spends his time in the prison library building a social network of copycats who worship him and do his bidding.

FBI agent Ryan Hardy was the man who first brought Joe Carroll to justice, and is now called upon again to consult on the ongoing case.

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Joshua Nitsche
04/26/15 at 07:47am

If you're a fan of this show, i have created this petition. Season 3 is a lot different, if you were once a fan, this Monday's episode will be a treat.
04/11/15 at 04:32pm

I think that the magic, what made this show excellent and unique, was the truly bizarre relationship between Ryan hardy and Joe Carroll. Season 2 lost its way, and Season 3 would be laughable, if it weren't so sad. While I'm sure that Joe will somehow escape the death penalty(or at least prison), I'm not at all sure that it will be enough to salvage the show. If Joe escapes(again), it MIGHT save the show, but I don't believe it. Bummer.
03/25/15 at 11:50am

I think the Following by FAR is my most favorite show. I watch a lot of TV, but nothing like this has ever been on air. How can you not like the characters? You must not like horror type films if you don't like this show. Season 3 episode "the box" gave me chills and I couldn't sleep at night. Now that's GOOD TV! Do not cancel this show ever!
Defying Silence
03/02/15 at 05:59pm

It's a great show Kevin Bacon holds it together. I liked all the characters and thought it was well put together. So many claim unrealistic well its TV its suppose to be to a certain extent. If you want reality then watch cops.
01/11/15 at 05:06pm

Fox has officially unveiled the premiere date for season 3 of "The Following," as well as some the upcoming episodes' new cast members. As reported by TV Guide, "The Following" will premiere on March 2, 2015 with a two-hour event.
chris ebel
09/02/14 at 03:38pm

can't find this in direct tv search when does the season 3 air?
07/20/14 at 03:41pm

The first season, you felt a little compassion for Joe. The second, you saw he and his "followers" were just plain evil for the sake of being evil. I stopped watching. Too much like reality and people who destroy just because they can. I don't like a show where evil wins and good is 2 steps behind. If the FBI could have caught his psycho little girlfriend/nanny, or made any progress, maybe. Season 3? More mayhem, blood and murder for the sake of sensationalism. Showing evil is fun and you don't get caught? I, for one, will not be a "follower" of this show.
07/08/14 at 10:28am

Season one was great, season two got really silly and confusing and I stopped watching I won't be bothering with season 3 as there are too many other good shows I would rather be watching!!
Dwayne Hoobler
07/03/14 at 02:13pm

With Joe Carroll and his henchmen dead, I see no point in having a third season. Sometimes you need to know when to walk away. Season 1 was an 8, season 2 was a 4, and I expect season 3 will be a zero. Count me out.
06/07/14 at 10:19pm

Season 1 of this show was gripping because of the background stories we saw on all of Joe's followers. The way he interviewed them and gave them permission to kill...
Season 2 was just ho-hum as he inherited followers from a cult leader he killed. I don't get why these people are loyal to kill for Joe.
Also, I can't believe the writers want us to believe the FBI is this baffled and inept in their jobs as this show portrays. It's insulting to the viewer.
Season 1 had my 100% attention. Season 2 was about 60%. Beef it up in a believable way if you want to keep your viewership.

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