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Jan 21, 2013 - May 18, 2015




Drama / Horror




Ryan - Kevin BaconJoe - James PurefoyClaire - Natalie ZeaDebra - Annie ParisseMike - Shawn AshmoreSarah - Maggie Grace

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A drama following an FBI agent tracking a network of serial killers.

Joe Carroll is a former college professor who became infamous for teaching the works of Edgar Allan Poe and killing young women in his honor. Now behind bars, Carroll spends his time in the prison library building a social network of copycats who worship him and do his bidding.

FBI agent Ryan Hardy was the man who first brought Joe Carroll to justice, and is now called upon again to consult on the ongoing case.

Comments (81)

05/19/15 at 03:37pm

Can't believe they are canceling the following I hope they find a new network.
Shirley Perry
05/18/15 at 07:15pm

So, Greg..........Intellectually Challenged???? Dry up you Jerk!! What do you think? You're better than everyone else??? I think NOT.
Shirley Perry
05/18/15 at 07:10pm

What the HELL is wrong with you to cancel this show???? This is one of the best shows on TV. Keeps you at the edge of your seat!!!! PLEASE bring it back. Great acting and great script! PLEASE bring it back! I LOVE IT!
05/12/15 at 12:51pm

The curse of Michael Ealy lives.. I'm still rooting for him!
05/12/15 at 08:24am

Fox has greatly disappointed me again! I don't watch a lot of TV but there a few shows I like to watch. Every time I find a show I like it gets cancelled. I don't understand how a shows like "The Following" and "Stalker" get cancelled but shows like "The Simpsons" keep going for 25 years. Who makes these decisions? From now on I will skip over CBS and FOX channels.
05/10/15 at 02:10am

U can't follow a show for this long for it to be just cancelled! That's so in fair! Wots gonna happen to mark?? Was the same wiv dallas😭😭
05/09/15 at 01:32pm

The first season of this show was fantastic. The second got a little too bizarre, however I thought the third season has gotten back to the suspense of the first season. I am very sad to see this show go, and no doubt to make room for another ridiculous reality TV show... It seems like the somewhat intelligent shows keep getting cancelled and in their place comes more reality trash.
As the comment from "Kent" above says - it just makes me remember there are other much better things to do with my time. So thank you Fox for once again making sure I will watch less of you and find better things to do that don't involve watching tv.
05/08/15 at 10:35pm

unbelievable! One of the better shows on tv right now and it gets axed. Wow! Im shocked and speechless. Oh well. I suppose there is better things to do than watch tv anyhow out there. Thanks Fox.
Namey McNamerson
05/08/15 at 05:37pm

It's about time. Such a lame show.
05/08/15 at 05:29pm

This is an excellent show. I was looking forward to a new villain.

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