Zero Hour

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Feb 14, 2013 - Aug 03, 2013








Hank - Anthony EdwardsArron - Scott Michael FosterRachel - Addison TimlinLaila - Jacinda BarrettBeck - Carmen EjogoWhite - Michael Nyqvist

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A drama following a man who uncovers a conspiracy after his wife is kidnapped.

Hank Galliston is a paranormal aficionado who gets drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy with apocalyptic implications after his wife is kidnapped by someone searching for an ancient treasure map.

Comments (37)

04/05/13 at 07:27pm

I agree with everyone. So tired of writing the same response as show after show is cancelled and crap stays on the air
03/29/13 at 09:45am

Finally a good show that you have to use your brain to follow, and what does ABC do...they cancel it. WTF!!!!
When are the networks going to realize that reality shows have ran their course, and then some.
It's also BS that they cancel the show right in the middle...I am so sick of getting cut off after 3 episodes and then just left to hang. What's the worst thing that could happen? People might actually like the show IF you gave it a chance.
H3ll, look at all the people here that were finally happy to get a decent show on air, just to have the rug pulled out from underneath them.
ABC needs to stop letting the 10 to 15 year old kids make their decisions!!!
03/28/13 at 10:54am

It was canceled. Cuz of religious groups were up set. But yet air Red widow.. Abc you have done this way too often. So the only thing I can do is never invest my time on a Abc show unless you give us a proper ending
Joanne Taylor
03/25/13 at 06:11pm

I have been looking for Zero Hour to come on again and not to my surprise it has been cancelled. I cannot believe it, it was just getting interesting. Why are all the good shows cancelled? I am shocked that they keep all the garbage shows on and cancel all the shows that are worth watching. I give up now it back to reading again, whoever pulled the plug on this show needs to be treated with the same respect and fired!!!!
w Mayoral
03/22/13 at 00:14am

I I think it's so wrong that you cancelled the show! ABC you don't even give a show a chance. We watch tv 7 day/week bout 20hrs a day we know tv and what shows are good in this one was one of the better ones on the air keep you wanting more! Cancel one of the reality show or one of the housewives show. Bring back ZERO HOUR PLEASE. It was developing a following we know several people that watched the show
03/13/13 at 09:48pm

We finally get a show that is interesting, suspenseful, and holds interest and you don't even give it chance. Most of the new shows in the last couple of years that were with a darn were cancelled. Who is making these decisions anyway. Obviously not the viewing audience. There is not much variety any more. Cops, hospitals, and reality (which is not real)
03/13/13 at 12:45pm

This sucks! It had barely begun, and it was really getting interesting.

Guess it leaves room for another damned reality show!
amanda bush
03/11/13 at 11:15am

I wish ABC would give it some more time I'm so tired of cop and reality shows. ABC always cancels their dramas before they've even had a chance to catch on. I'm tired of getting hooked and then being let down.
03/10/13 at 01:28am

This was the show I most looked forward to. It had mystery, suspense, a mystical plot line, and likable protagonists. Given more time, it would have found a following. There are so few good dramas anymore; now there is one less.
03/09/13 at 00:20am

Once again a show is cancelled in the middle of things with no explanation regarding the plot, for once it would be nice to end the show explaining the plot while providing a real ending to it, is that too much to ask for?, like "V", "Terra Nova"... great shows cut short for no reason.

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