24: Live Another Day

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May 05, 2014 - Jul 14, 2014




Drama / Action




Jack - Kiefer SutherlandChloe - Mary Lynn RajskubSteve - Benjamin BrattKate - Yvonne StrahovskiJordan - Giles MattheyErik - Gbenga AkinnagbeJames - William DevaneMark - Tate DonovanAudrey - Kim RaverAdrian - Michael Wincott

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An action drama following Jack Bauer as he attempts to thwart a large-scale terrorist attack.

The award-winning, high-octane drama returns in this 12-episode miniseries event set in London, England. Heroic agent Jack Bauer, now an exile, returns to risk his life and freedom to stop a terror attack that could change the world.

Comments (19)

Steve Page
07/09/14 at 02:31pm

Love 24 LAD!
Please bring it back mid-season or sooner!!!
07/09/14 at 10:50am

I love this action pack show- you never get tired of JACK BAUER and Chole - keep this on for another season.
Randi Briggs
07/07/14 at 08:07pm

Loved the original, love the new series. Hope it comes back next year.
Mike Bookin
06/24/14 at 11:59pm

One of the best shows on tv so much junk is being produced just to be cancelled please keep show going
Bruce Brown
05/29/14 at 09:56pm

I'll spell your name right Jack Bauer ( Kiefer Sutherland)Just Please keep the series going. It is the Best TV Series that I have ever watched and I have seen several over the last 57 years . I'll keep hoping :)
David Wood
05/15/14 at 08:23pm

Kiefer"s getting a little long in the tooth.
Still OK but eventually the action toothpaste tube will get squeezed dry.
Habib Marwan
05/10/14 at 08:17pm

Jack may have gotten the best of me, but there will be no more "24" after this miniseries.
Jack Bauer
05/09/14 at 06:37pm

alondra, spell my name right next time
05/06/14 at 11:59pm

Super excited!!! Loved 24 just glad they brought back jack bower. Hoping the network decides to add on more episodes

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