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Mar 10, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014




Drama / Sci-fi




Bo - Johnny SequoyahTate - Jake McLaughlinMilton - Delroy LindoSkouras - Kyle MacLachlanChanning - Jamie ChungCorey - Arian MoayedSparks - Tracy HoweLeeds - Katie McClellanHayden - Juri Henley-CohnMartin - Matthew RauchElizabeth - Trieste Kelly DunnJoshua - Rob Morgan

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A sci-fi drama following a girl born with special abilities that she cannot control.

Bo is a young girl who was born with an extraordinary range of unexplained gifts. Abilities to control nature and see the future are powers she cannot understand and are only growing stronger.

She is now 10 years old and facing a threat from malevolent forces that want to use her abilities to control the world. With her life and future in jeopardy, Bo's protector seeks help from a wrongfully convicted death-row inmate named Tate.

Together, Bo and Tate embark on a journey to keep her safe from the evil forces after her powers.

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08/11/14 at 03:25pm

It seems that the trashy and filthy mess is what they care about the most. It has gotten to the point that I am considering dropping TV service. I get sick of the majority of choices. A fictional, good child as opposed to the Honey Boo Boo mess. As Lucille Ball said, if her show was on as a new show, they would have been replaced well before the season got to mid-point. They cater to all weirdos, which make up a minority of the population.
Roy G.
08/04/14 at 09:25am

Great show... I don't understand why this show got cancelled and all those bull**** reality and talent shows just go on and on for a million years...
07/25/14 at 09:45pm

This is a disappointing action to a one of a kind show. A young girl who believes in the goodness in people. Bo, even if she didn't have the gift she was born with. I can see her helping and doing the right thing when others have failed to be aware of. And with great haste invest pure genuine kindness and compassion with an easy calmness that soothes. A person like her is one in a billion. To be this little girl who knows saddness people carry with them and all their dreams or special experiences that we hold onto. Bo with her gifts and her powers, of what is certainly the unknown and a scary unforeseeable dilemmas. To believe in this girl is greater than anyone, older or bigger or what you think is better. Bo can handle simply anything that comes her way. A sincere and honest heart makes Bo a girl I want to see make a difference week after week. Lets not cancel the awesome show give it some time for us viewers to watch where Bo's life takes her. It's really a great show and the main character is an adorable young actress that brightens up the screen.
07/25/14 at 12:51pm

Wish NBC would have given this show a chance. Best show they had, won't watch anything new on this station cause as soon as you start liking it, they cancel it, bad as ABC!
Steve Ryan
07/23/14 at 03:15am

Well, I just feel compelled to add my voice to those who loved this show, will miss it very much, and think NBC made a big mistake in not giving it the chance it really deserved. Could have tried moving it or something, who knows. But it was a wonderful show, and will certainly be missed.
07/22/14 at 11:11pm

WHY couldn't you give this show a chance? It will be sorely missed. Would have loved to have seen Bo use more of her powers.
07/21/14 at 04:53pm

Believe was a show I could watch with my son. We both thoroughly enjoyed this show. NBC and FOX really need to read their reviews. Like FOX there is no other show on this channel I watch. They've lost 2 more viewers. Please bring this refreshing show back on air. I liked all the characters. I agree with Many comments previously posted.
07/10/14 at 02:21pm

I just happened to stumble on this website while googleing another show and see you cancelled Believe.How could you cancel such a great family watched show? But oh no you put garbage on and it runs for years (TRASH) This was a great show and entertaining, it had me anticipating the next week and you need to put this one back on the air for those of us who loved this show and it had a great cast and no dull story line. Give this one another chance... You'd be surprised
07/07/14 at 08:41pm

Another of my favorite NBC shows cancelled? Try another slot!
07/03/14 at 05:00am

It's not too often a series I like gets axed. This series had potential but alas it's gone. If they replace it with something better, then that's fine. But I bet they will just replace it with another dumb reality show. At least they ended this series with a properish ending.

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