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Mar 10, 2014 - Jun 15, 2014




Drama / Sci-fi




Bo - Johnny SequoyahTate - Jake McLaughlinMilton - Delroy LindoSkouras - Kyle MacLachlanChanning - Jamie ChungCorey - Arian MoayedSparks - Tracy HoweLeeds - Katie McClellanHayden - Juri Henley-CohnMartin - Matthew RauchElizabeth - Trieste Kelly DunnJoshua - Rob Morgan

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A sci-fi drama following a girl born with special abilities that she cannot control.

Bo is a young girl who was born with an extraordinary range of unexplained gifts. Abilities to control nature and see the future are powers she cannot understand and are only growing stronger.

She is now 10 years old and facing a threat from malevolent forces that want to use her abilities to control the world. With her life and future in jeopardy, Bo's protector seeks help from a wrongfully convicted death-row inmate named Tate.

Together, Bo and Tate embark on a journey to keep her safe from the evil forces after her powers.

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06/30/14 at 09:09pm

Again, another screw-up by management. Guess it comes down to the almighty buck. Sad.
Shirley Davidson
06/30/14 at 06:20pm

I couldn't wait for Believe to air each week. I even made sure my husband recorded it in case I wasn't home.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't cancel this program. Bo is so convincing with her special abilities and yes, she tries to help people in distress (isn't this what the world needs more of? people who help others. I sure hope you give Believe another chance.
06/29/14 at 01:30pm

Why not send Serves to the consumers to rate each show instead of trusting some executive to determine what shows to keep or Cancel! Or possibly put it on at a different time to match the consumer's viewing preference! Ratings may shoot through the roof! I think we may have to start Boycotting certain Stations(NBC)to send them a message that we are tired of our favorite shows being canceled!
06/28/14 at 07:24pm

Please don't cancel this show. My kids and I watch this show and it is the only show that we won't miss. Please don't cancel...I still believe!
me me
06/28/14 at 01:51pm

I am sick to death of you canceling the good shows but u keep that mess black box REALLY REALLY & that show is a spin off of A Gifted Man which I liked better than black box get it together bring these shows back
06/26/14 at 11:15pm

They shouldn't have cancelled believe it is my favorite show ever I can't believe that they cancelled it. BRING IT BACK
06/26/14 at 02:41pm

Pleeaassee don't cancel believe its an awesome show please just give it another try,please
06/23/14 at 03:43pm

The critic who bashed this program (jaekel) almost caused me not to watch but I am so glad that I did not listen to her stupid review and enjoyed this program more than the highly praised, sadistic, perverted, semi-porn ones she did praise that were just carbon copies of almost every program on and on and on! You have a teriffic, well-written, well-acted, action-packed, out of the ordinary, one of a kind, topnotch show and you should be proud to renew it - NOT CANCEL!
06/23/14 at 12:45pm

I too loved this show. It was the highlight of my week. Couldn't wait for the next episode. It was soooo much better than TOUCH. Would like to see it come back.
06/22/14 at 05:37pm

Enjoyed this very much, so sad that Believe was cancelled. Try one more season won't you?

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