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Oct 28, 2014 - Dec 30, 2014






Nina - Eliza CoupePhil - Jay HarringtonCarlos - Oscar NunezMicah - Jolene PurdyTrent - Carter MacIntyre

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A comedy following a corporate lawyer's fall from grace to a lowly public defender.

Nina Whitley is a distinguished, career-driven corporate attorney who has done everything she can to make it to the top. After learning that she hasn't made partner at her high-powered firm and being hit with the news of her ex-fiancé’s wedding announcement, Nina has a public breakdown.

Shunned from the corporate world, the only job that will take Nina is the Public Defender’s office. It is under-staffed and underfunded, and Nina must now deal with new clients and at the same time learn to connect with her new co-workers.

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01/27/15 at 11:02am

I loved this show!! Screw USA Network for this terrible decision !!!! There should be a law that says they have to make at least two seasons
01/15/15 at 08:13am

I really loved this show! The characters were great, and I hate that they left it at a cliffhanger!! Bad time slot, but wouldnt miss it on DVR! So sad to see it go!
01/15/15 at 04:29am

CANCELLED! - called it!
12/17/14 at 05:48pm

I loved it the cast are well cast and the story are funny.
Bad judge was just bad.
Not rocket science but still very different.
Will watch the show for the fun of watching.
12/09/14 at 07:29am

I like Oscar from The Office, and I like all of Nina's co-workers-all funny, but she's gotta go. So agreed, when will the ax fall? Bad judge got canceled already, and I thought Kate Walsh was great in that, so this shouldn't be too far behind.
11/26/14 at 10:04am

Thought this show had potential but it just keeps going down hill. Better shows have already been cancelled; When will the ax fall?
11/07/14 at 06:50pm

50/50 - on this one
11/06/14 at 01:59pm

I have liked this show so far. I like the humor and lightheartedness mixed with her control freak personality.
11/04/14 at 01:17am

poor excuse of a story - lame "jokes"
Eliza Coupe`s cute and funny (in other series)but this show won`t get her any awards. So Nina will not only get benched but axed too.

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