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May 30, 2014 - Aug 02, 2014




Drama / Action




Blackbeard - John MalkovichSelima - Yasmine Al MassriLowe - Richard CoyleKate - Claire FoyRider - David HoflinNenna - Tracy IfeachorFletch - Chris Perfetti

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A drama following the life of the legendary pirate Blackbeard.

In 1715, the notorious pirate Edward Teach - otherwise known as Blackbeard - reigns over a nation of outlaws and thieves on the Bahamian island of Santa Campana. It's a marauder's paradise unlike any other on Earth, and is quickly becoming a threat to international commerce.

Blackbeard has his diabolical mind set on obtaining the world's first longitude chronometer, which is said to have the ability to drastically alter society, sea trade, and business on a global scale.

He orchestrates an attack on an English vessel in an attempt to steal the device, but an undercover English spy named Lowe destroys it before it can fall into the wrong hands.

Blackbeard takes Lowe as a prisoner back to Santa Campana, where he is tasked with reassembling the chronometer. But while doing this, Lowe also must devise a way to foil Blackbeard's grand scheme.

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08/03/14 at 02:17pm

I didn't really like this show at first, but then it sort of grew on me, and I found myself looking forward to new episodes each week. I seriously doubt that the series will be renewed for a second season, although I would love to see it come back.
08/02/14 at 11:30pm

I love the show. I think Malkovich was great at this role. He made the show. However I did not care for the kid that played Tim, him and his huge buttchin were awful. I do wish they were bringing it back for a second season but I am glad that they actually aired all the episodes.
07/30/14 at 06:04pm

I actually like this a little bit but Black Sails is much better.I couldn't get past the bald Blackbeard.They could do so much better with shows but don't seem to even try.The premium channels and even basic cable are producing much better shows.
07/28/14 at 12:02pm

Michael - What's the point of a show being called Blackbeard if there was only one actual Blackbeard and this guy's not it? That would be like naming a show Cleopatra who was really a handmaiden with big aspirations of being Queen Of Eqypt. It's clearly indicated at the top of this page: In 1715, the notorious pirate Edward Teach - otherwise known as Blackbeard........
07/27/14 at 08:32pm

For what it's worth I understand this show is a slow moving show, but to say Malkovich did not make a convincing Blackbeard is incorrect. This isn't the sea dwelling murderous Blackbeard, this is the equivalent of a reverent war vet with PTSD. This is a reverent Blackbeard, and Malkovich delivers it beautifully. I am sorry to see it go but glad it will actually get it's end.
07/26/14 at 10:49am

It will run its course next Saturday with the 2-hour series finale; it's been cancelled. I only expected 1 season so I'm not upset.
07/11/14 at 01:59pm

According to historical drawings and documents, Blackbeard was called that for one reason. He had a long black beard and he would twist it at the ends, then attach fuses into the twists and light the fuses,scaring the bejesus out of those he came into conflict with. He did not sport a Van Dyke. And there is no evidence he was bald.
07/08/14 at 10:57am

People saying Malkovich is no Blackbeard obviously no nothing of history.. all the historians say it is a true depiction of him & his Island.. but since the kids of today neeed something shiny to watch & someone to get stabbed shot or blown up every 10 minutes, no doubt this will not appeal to you. Blackbeard rulled by fear not the sword...
07/07/14 at 04:29pm

Had I been interested in watching people running around playing with swords, NOT fighting on pirate ships dealing death by cannon, swashbuckling, privateering, etc. I would have watched Revolution.
06/28/14 at 07:34pm

I really wanted to like this show, but I don't. Malkovich is a great actor but he is no Blackbeard.

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