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May 30, 2014 - Aug 02, 2014




Drama / Action




Blackbeard - John MalkovichSelima - Yasmine Al MassriLowe - Richard CoyleKate - Claire FoyRider - David HoflinNenna - Tracy IfeachorFletch - Chris Perfetti

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A drama following the life of the legendary pirate Blackbeard.

In 1715, the notorious pirate Edward Teach - otherwise known as Blackbeard - reigns over a nation of outlaws and thieves on the Bahamian island of Santa Campana. It's a marauder's paradise unlike any other on Earth, and is quickly becoming a threat to international commerce.

Blackbeard has his diabolical mind set on obtaining the world's first longitude chronometer, which is said to have the ability to drastically alter society, sea trade, and business on a global scale.

He orchestrates an attack on an English vessel in an attempt to steal the device, but an undercover English spy named Lowe destroys it before it can fall into the wrong hands.

Blackbeard takes Lowe as a prisoner back to Santa Campana, where he is tasked with reassembling the chronometer. But while doing this, Lowe also must devise a way to foil Blackbeard's grand scheme.

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12/28/14 at 02:30pm

Other than Malovich, I really didn't really care for the show
Time Travel
10/28/14 at 10:41pm

They should've hired me to be their historical consultant because they got even the pirate flag designs wrong but it was an entertaining show and did watch every episode.
They should've started the show with Malkovich wearing a black beard, as cool as the show was I can see if newcomers would be confused as to the identity of blackbeard being Malkovich looking exactly like himself, he's a great actor but the premise of blackbeard having no beard was a bit of a stretch as we know he died with his big beard.
09/22/14 at 02:28pm

I really liked this show. I thought Malkovich was great. The stories were very well written and the acting superb. It must have had a high budget and not quite the ad money generator they need.
Hey Nonny Mouse
09/12/14 at 07:36am

Too bad. I rather liked it.
The comparisons with Black Sails are inevitable, but a little biased - Black Sails, as a cable show, can include nudity and strong language that Crossbones couldn't. But I thought Crossbones had good scripts and fine actors. Guess the Peacock needed the space for its weak new comedies like Bad Judge...
08/23/14 at 03:24pm

Michael - We each like or dislike TV shows for our own reasons. You apparently liked it.....I just couldn't get into it because the whole thing seemed like nonsense to me. Maybe if I'd tried to stick it out, I would have swung over to the points of view of you and other loyal viewers. it's a moot point now, but none of us likes it when a favorite show gets axed. I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show and Home Improvement probably wouldn't last two weeks in today's ratings = money environment. Sad,really!
08/12/14 at 09:28am

JDintheOC - Again, this show was good, I liked it, and I liked Malkovich. As to your last point, this is EDWARD TEACH, not blackbeard, and as he noted many times throughout the show, "We don't use that name here." It was a post Blackbeard era, he was blackbeard, but now wanted to be a man of "peace" of sorts. The ending was good as well, loved seeing Teach walking down the beach at the end. **SPOILERS** And when Tom Lowe shows up as the new leader, great. I still say this show was at least a 7, maybe an 8, and I'm sorry to see it go.
08/06/14 at 04:12pm

the show is set in 1729, as per the website. It is after Blackbeard's supposed he is older, no more black hair or beard, nor does he allow that name. It is more about a community of people... not a stereotypical pirate show about raping, pillaging, plundering.
I thought Malkovich was fantastic as the Commodore/Blackbeard. Loved the show, good old-fashioned story telling. Really wish it were coming back.
08/04/14 at 10:22am

AJAY - It was after midnight when I posted my comment and apparently I was half asleep. You are right and I should have said A show "about" Blackbeard - MI bad!
Guess I'll have to walk the plank!
08/04/14 at 00:30am

JDintheOC: The show isn't called Blackbeard.
08/03/14 at 07:28pm

I loved this show and hope it comes back with Blackbeard's Ghost. Sad to see it go.

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