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Jan 10, 2014 - Jun 22, 2014








Pete - Geoff StultsDerrick - Chris LowellRandy - Parker YoungDonald - Keith DavidJill - Angelique Cabral

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A comedy following three brothers in the Army who end up stationed at the same military base.

This military-set family comedy focuses on three brothers who, when the best men are sent overseas, stay behind to keep their army post in order along with a group of other misfits.

Staff Sergeant Pete Hill is a charming, natural leader who was on a path for a big career in the military until a mistake overseas got him booted back to the states at Fort McGee, Florida - which is where his two younger brothers are also stationed. Pete now must serve as their platoon sergeant while maintaining their brotherly bond.

Comments (23)

08/29/14 at 02:33pm

Yet the kardashians and honey boo who are considered entertainment! Sad world...LOL....
07/23/14 at 09:31am

I LOVED THIS SHOW! It had some really funny stuff. SHOOT!!!
There are more good shows than just REALITY shows!
Cheryl Green
06/29/14 at 06:07pm

I love ENLISTED! This show is funny, entertaining and serious all at the same time! Please renew the show, or please allow another Network to pick it up! Definitely one of the Best Shows of the Year!
jo jo
06/03/14 at 01:03pm

Okay show was silly. But it was so worth the laughs. Its hard now to find a comedy w/o the sex. I really hope they bring the show back.
06/01/14 at 06:05pm

First time seeing it, found it by accident as I rarely watch fox since they cancelled the finder, hope they bring it back
05/31/14 at 10:01am

Actually, the remaining episodes are airing at a new time Sunday 7:00/6:00c.
05/28/14 at 00:28am

Please keep the show.
05/28/14 at 00:27am

A great show to laugh about. I am a recently retired over 20 years SFC combat vet and have to say it's just a show, and is very funny to slot of us combat vet's
05/18/14 at 04:43pm

The cancellation of this show is correct decision. It was terrible. I got through watching the shows b/c i like the 'brothers' as actors, but the writing and concept was awful.
05/18/14 at 08:22am

This show is horrible!! I started watching the first episode and couldn't even believe they would put something on air that brings such a bad name on the army. Yeah I know it's just a show but if you ever been in the military you know what I mean. I'm sure the plot of the story could be good but they way they present the characters playing the soldiers is degrading to the army.

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