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Aug 23, 2014 - Oct 11, 2014






Jack - John SimmAmy - Mira SorvinoGary - Tory KittlesRichard - James Frain

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A drama following a secret society that chases immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.

Jack Whelan is a former Los Angeles cop with a troubled, violent past who has settled down into a quieter life with his wife Amy. When she mysteriously vanishes, Jack's world is turned upside down.

When Jack is asked by a friend for help with a murder, he is drawn into a complex and surreal mystery. He is lead down the dark, winding road of his own past along with a revelation of a secret society that chases immortality by seeking refuge in other people's bodies.

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10/13/14 at 08:44pm

I don't know what you peeps are talking about. I thought this was a great series and the first two episodes were just preludes. Most shows that come out don't engage the viewer and just tell you what is happening instead of making you think for yourselves.
I really hope this comes with a second season but the way it ended leaves room for both, to end and to come back.
If you didn't like this series then stick with CSI as they are transparent enough for a child to keep up with. Cheers! and enjoy watching!
09/06/14 at 07:58am

Thank goodness for pause, rewind, and "start at beginning" It's taken me almost a week to get through the show. The plot it thin and disconnected. I kept going back to see if I missed something earlier that would explain what I was watching - there wasn't. The second episode was worse than the pilot. I'm taking it off my watch list. Good luck actors- you did a good job, just not enough to pull off the rest of the failures.
08/24/14 at 04:05am

The pilot was a mess; it looks like there were some scenes missing. Bad story telling at it's best? I doubt this series will get any better.
08/17/14 at 08:41pm

Space Invaders or Body Snatchers

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