Opposite Worlds

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Jan 21, 2014 - Feb 26, 2014






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A game show where contestants live in a house divided into two worlds by a glass wall.

In this competitive reality series, 14 contestants face off on opposing teams that live in a house where a glass wall divides them into two very different worlds: one past and one future. Each of these worlds has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Through the wall, teams can watch with envy or fear at each others' moves. Each week the players compete in challenges that end up determining where each team will live - plus who stays and who goes.

Adding to the interactive fun, viewers will be able to participate using social media to affect certain elements of the game.

Comments (26)

Alex Hay
08/01/15 at 08:43pm

sure hope the series is returning, really enjoyed it!Way fresher than the older tired series survivor!
07/31/15 at 11:30am

I've been searching for any updates on a second season but haven't found any information. We really enjoyed watching this unique show and we're avid watchers and tweeting left and right to help our favorite contestants! I love how they made it a social thing and allowed everyone to cast votes and see how it affected the teams. Really cool concept and I'm still hoping for more seasons!
06/03/15 at 01:08pm

Bring on season 2 of Opposite Worlds!
04/12/15 at 07:56pm

Please please please dont cancel the show i really like watching it with my dad. ☺
01/11/15 at 03:21am

I LOVE this show omg! I really hope it's not actually cancelled and that they will renew it. My sister and I love watching it!
Roberto Calderon
11/29/14 at 02:57pm

would like to no if oppisite world was cancelled or renewed its a great show hope you renew it
11/08/14 at 03:41pm

I absolutely loved this show. It was fun to feel involved with everything going on in the show rather than to just be an observer.
10/13/14 at 07:54pm

Once of the best shows I've ever watched.... I couldn't wait for the episodes jajaja... And i really hope to see another season of this cuz its just so interesting and entertaining
10/05/14 at 01:51pm

Loved the show I actually hoped they would do a preteen season so I could go on the show.
09/30/14 at 00:40am

Love this show, holding my breath it doesn't cancel. Would be a shame. I hope to see this on air many many seasons. I think it's better than survivor and all the shows alike.

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