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Mar 09, 2014 - Jan 25, 2015








Marty - Omar EppsLucille - Frances FisherHenry - Kurtwood SmithFred - Matt CravenMaggie - Devin KelleyTom - Mark HildrethElaine - Samaire ArmstrongCaleb - Sam HazeldineJacob - Landon GimenezConnor - Nicholas GonzalezGary - Kevin Sizemore

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A mystery drama following the residents of a small town whose deceased loved ones start to return from the dead, not having aged since their deaths.

A young American boy named Jacob suddenly wakes up in rural China with no clue as to how he got there. When he remembers his hometown is Arcadia, Missouri, an immigration agent is assigned to take him back home.

The home he recalls as his own is now occupied by an elderly couple, who had lost their son over 30 years ago. While they look different, Jacob recognizes them as his parents. While friends of the family try to understand this mystery, the young boy is aware of secrets about his own death that nobody else knows.

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05/25/15 at 08:26am

guys get over it...the show is over. a and e has a show called the returned. it is almost as good with even m ore unanswered questions..but the little boy seems to be evil. it is still running. there are only one or two recognizeable actors,but the story line is good, its just a little dragged on..but not that bad.
05/24/15 at 06:11pm

The same show is on A&E called The Return and BBC same name
David Wood
05/08/15 at 08:28pm

Yeah, another show with lots of tantalizing questions waiting to be answered, but unfortunately dragged the story line out too much.
I think long mini-series with beginnings and ends are the way to go. More satisfying for viewers.
Heck, most movies tell a complete story in under two hours.
Karen foster
05/08/15 at 09:05am

Keep Ressurection. There's so many same o shows it's refreshing to have something different.
K Miner
04/18/15 at 00:17am

Please, give us a season 3. I love this show and there are so many unanswered questions. Don't do that to us again.
04/11/15 at 05:32am

This is one of my favorite shows with excellent actors. Please keep it or at the very least, do one more season that provides answers and a conclusion.
Jackie miller
03/17/15 at 12:07pm

Please don't cancel this show just watched on Amazon internet TV really like it can't wait for season 2 and season 3
01/28/15 at 09:30pm

If you saw on Season 2 ended it sorta was a series finale cause we saw a conclusion. But of course that one thing may lead it for a Season 3. I just hope it comes back cause I enjoyed the show. I hate how A&E I believe is doing the same type of show.
01/25/15 at 05:47am

According to it is a sure thing to be cancelled.
01/19/15 at 04:03pm

With a rating at 0.7 sadly I see no way for a season 3:(
Owell bring on all the honey boo'boo's J/K

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