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Oct 01, 2014 - May 18, 2015




Drama / Crime




Jack - Dylan McDermottBeth - Maggie QBen - Victor RasukJanice - Mariana Klaveno

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A psychological thriller following detectives in the LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

Jack Larsen and Beth Davis work for the Los Angeles Police Department's specialized unit geared towards cases involving stalking. These can range from romantic fixation to voyeurism, and even cyber harassment crimes.

They are good at what they do because they themselves share similar behavioral traits to the criminals they pursue. Their days are spent dealing with all types of stalking cases, but they must also fight to keep their own obsessions at bay.

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Misty s
05/19/15 at 07:30am

Cbs sucks - go to Netflix - streaming is the way of the future . I want a season number 2 of stalker . It's the only show we watch on cbs . If I could I would cancel cbs.
05/17/15 at 08:54pm

Please bring the show back. It is one of the few shows on TV that is worth watching. Each week you are looking forward to the next week. The actors are perfect for this show. Please reconsider bringing it back on CBS please!!!!
05/16/15 at 05:48am

I loved Stalker!!!! I could hardly wait from one week to the next to see the next exciting episode!!! The cast was wonderful. Please, please, reconsider.
05/14/15 at 02:55am

Very disappointed. It was a great show!
05/12/15 at 11:14am

Its got to the point now that i am not going to watch anything until it hits its 3rd series so i can at least catchup and enjoy it.
05/12/15 at 08:30am

CBS FOX you have lost a viewer. Every time I like a show it gets cancelled. I don't understand how great shows like "Stalker" and "The Following" get cancelled but stupid reality shows and cartoons stay on years and years. Who makes these decisions? IDIOTS! From now on I will skip over the CBS and FOX channels. All the good shows are gone. Very disappointed!
SC Headbanger
05/11/15 at 09:03pm

Bad decision CBS! Great shows like this get canceled, yet garbage like Survivor, Big Brother, ect go on! SMH...
05/11/15 at 01:26pm

boooooooooooooooooo!! this sucks!! all the good shows don't even get a chance! Now let me guess they have to make room for another reality show! im going to stop watching tv and start reading lol
05/10/15 at 08:15am

I really liked this show! What disgusts me the most about its cancellation is the critics comments about it being too sick and twisted. To that I say, what about shows like Law and Order SVU? I am not dissing that show, I have seen some episodes and it's a good show. But a show like that which is almost always about sex crimes is still on the air but a show where people are stalked is too sick and twisted!? C'mon!!
05/10/15 at 03:05am

It seems if Dylan McDermott is on the show, it's going to get cancelled. I really liked this show and was a faithful watcher. Had a story within a story from the beginning. Sorry to see this one cancelled

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